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{ I have personally used each and every product or service on here, and feel it is amazing enough to recommend to anyone...I would never endorse anything that I have not tried myself.  Any affiliate commissions I may earn through these links do not affect your end price, and are humbly appreciated as this blog is a labor of love.}

Organic Bamboo Clothing

Danielle Laporte

Homeopathy Kits & Courses

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics

Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Zap Colds/Sinuses

ToothSoap Shreds

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Cure Tooth Decay

Mommypotamus' Cleaning Recipes

Expand Your Abundance!

Change Yourself, Not Your Kids

Chakra Balancing

Eat Local + Organic!

Nature's Antibiotic (My Sponsor #:2867957)

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