Beautiful Sisters

It's been awhile since I've written...the winds of transformation 
have been swirling through me for many years now, 
but especially these past few months.

I feel as though I've been born again, 

into the skin of who I've always been all along, 

and had just forgotten about under layers and layers of stuff.  

Stuff that society piled upon me, stuff that I piled upon myself on my quest to true happiness, 
stuff that my surroundings piled upon me since I did not say no.

Stuff...lots of stuff.

As I've read numerous times, taking a look at who we were as a child can give us a lot of insight into what will make us happy as adults.  As for me, I adored all things acrobatics, performing, reading books, painting my bedroom walls all sorts of colors and designs (thank you, Mom and Dad, for letting me paint my walls purple, green and yellow with mushrooms, peace signs and flowers everywhere), and music from The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel and The Oak Ridge Boys.  Yep, I was a mini-hippie.

After nearly two decades of stuffing my earthy nature away to chase career paths that reflected my college degree and offered stability and financial gain, i've finally awakened to how to merge all of the above and create my dream job.  

I was conditioned by my environment and society to think stability and creativity are mutually exclusive - one of the beliefs I've worked so hard to purge out of my cells recently.

This past year of intense physical strife, mental confusion, paralyzing fear and anxiety, pure despair, tearful prayers and blissful moments of clarity has brought me to emerge from my cocoon of rebirth, ready to join with my local and distant community of beautiful Soul Sisters (that's YOU!), to share what I've learned, to support and uplift and reassure, to help you rebirth yourself into the powerful, wise woman you've always been inside, and to keep learning more and more magnificence this world has to offer!

Women carry humanity, literally and figuratively.  We are the nurturers, the healers, the tenders...however, many of us are struggling with wounds and obstacles from our own pasts.  Wounds that prevent us from being fully present in our lives, with our children and spouses...wounds that fester each time they're provoked with fear, stress, anxiety.  There is much need for us now to remember and heal our inner lives in order to maintain a healthy balance.  So often our time and energy is directed outwards towards others, work family...and it is crucial to take the time to nourish and replenish your inner life, your own energy, so that what you give others has even greater value.

If you are local (SoCal), i'd love for you to join our FB group  for local gatherings of connected, conscious women for all sorts of reasons including New and Full Moons, Healing Dance, Reiki and more.

Stay tuned to my blog for exciting new offerings and be sure to check out my Shop My Fave Things page for some of the delicious offerings out there amongst our powerful community.

Love + light!


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