Our Alternative Journey to Helping Our Sensitive Child - Part 2

Part 2 of a 3 Part Series (you can find Part 1 here).

My next Google search for "holistic therapy sensitive children" had me stumbling upon Holistic Healing 4 Children.  

Again, I'd found another little sliver of home...that delicious, peaceful feeling of knowing this was the place for us.  I sent off an email to the owner/medium/clairvoyant Terri Allen (far away in a magical land called Dubai!) and eagerly awaited a reply.  After a few emails of me pouring out our story, rather than trying to do a Skype consultation with our time differences, she gave me a few items of "homework" to do.

Little did I know this "homework" would become the foundation of our entire family's healing journey, and also the catalyst to creating my first book, a Children's Book of Love + Lightworking, which is currently in the works!

The homework:

* Give Son a nightly salt bath with lots of natural rock salt and lavender oil (to cleanse and clear his aura and energy) 
* Massage his feet with lavender oil  (this calms kids down and balances their emotions and grounds them) 
* Envision sending white and pink light from my  heart to Son's heart every night (begins the healing process) 
* Envision white light washing over us all 
* Have Son draw a garden with an apple tree, and send it to her for analysis.

That very night Fireman and I tried the whole sending-light thing.  

It came surprisingly easily and naturally, and in my mind I saw a burst of white light spring from my heart and sail above Son lying in his bed, raining down the most beautiful, gentle white droplets of light.  It was stunning and soothing and I didn't really know what the effects might be but I did know that it felt wonderful to do it, so it might just feel wonderful to receive it, also.

For the drawing, I made sure to keep casual about the whole thing, and one day just tossed a blank sheet of paper in front of Son and asked him to draw a garden with an apple tree.  I had caught him in the right mood and he eagerly complied...here's what he drew:

This was right before his 6th birthday, and the notes I wrote were just as he explained them to me.  There was no apparent garden or apple tree, but I sent it off to Terri and couldn't wait to get her take on it.

Here's what she said:
Here is the interpretation of C's drawing of his garden. Now remember this is an analysis of what C feels and his view as a young boy. So don’t take it as if I am criticizing we are not in any way it’s the analysis of C's drawing. Parenting is a tough job! C's garden is very unusual. Firstly he feels there is no foundation within the home. No grass, no sun and no trees and no blue sky. So the home life is unsettle in C's eyes. He has drawn himself down on the left and has flowers that change colour and on the right where you are he has drawn the flowers have a leaver to remove them. So C feels that you remove things that he enjoys in his life. In the middle of the page is a pink shape which to me represents the heart of the matter ( his heart chakra or yours? )and inside the heart is a black flower this represents hurt that has acquired of the heart which is quite deep routed and is causing an issue within the family. The flower is black anything drawn in black is an old stale  dead energy that needs to be cleared. Above that pink colour ( pink represents Love, nurturing the heart chakra). Is a box again pink and black plus a bit of yellow and a hanger on top of it, again a flower in the middle which is blue this time but also a black dot. This means a deep routed problem daily as its hanging on display. There is no wall so its hanging in mid air, this means you home life is all over the place and up in the air not grounded in his eyes. An Issue that have not been resolved. There is one big black line all around outside followed by an orange line. C used the colour orange for himself which means, growth, meditation, balance, creativity. So he desires all of that. You are in blue which means calming within yourself and communication. Who is Bennett? Why is his name written in front of the drawing of your house? If you see the house its very small and none descript. But it’s in orange on the outside and then black drawn line inside, so the darker stale energy is stopping you guys from moving forward. Do you think this is you or your husband or some emotional control? Yellow colour represents joy, humor and laughter. Again its attached to the box in the centre of the page. So once that blockage is cleared and removed from yourself or your husband there can be more settlement within at home. C is very frustrated and angry at present. He feels you not understood and that his dad doesn’t really fully get where he is coming from sometimes. The difference is his dad has different energy to C so they will find it hard sometimes.  C is highly intuitive and sensitive and there for parents will always need to adjust themselves for the child to function in a  much more calmer way in their everyday life. When a highly sensitive child has an unsettled home or parent its throws them off completely. So basically they are asking us to shift our vibration out of fear and into the now and for us to shift our vibrations to a higher level.
Fascinating, right?

She also suggested Bach Flower Remedies.  

I'd been using homeopathic remedies for a couple of years already, and honestly had never thought about finding one for Son's sensitivities, but had never tried the Bach tinctures before.  They correct emotional imbalances and replace negative emotions with positive ones.  And just like homeopathic remedies, they are absolutely safe for everyone, including children, pregnant women, pets and even plants.  They can also work in conjunction with medications and herbs.

I did just what Terri suggested and consulted the little guide on the counter by the remedies and chose the ones that applied most closely for Son...his were:

Gentian ~ inspires a positive attitude when you feel 
discouraged or despondent due to setbacks.

White Chestnut ~ encourages a peaceful and calm mind when thoughts
and worries go round and round in your head.

Red Chestnut ~ allows you to love without anxiety or fear 
for the well-being of your loved ones.

Holly ~ encourages a more generous nature when you feel
jealous, envious, vengeful or suspicious.

Mimulus ~ brings courage and calm to face things that
frighten or worry you, also aids the shy and timid.

Son has always been an awesome vitamin-and-mommy's-crazy-concoctions-taker, so he happily let me drop 2 drops each of the 5 little bottles in his mouth.

Now, before I tell you the effect these little droplets (and/or the lightworking) had, I really need to bring you up to speed on just how it had been going.  If you haven't read my Sensory Processing/OCD ~ Reiki Healing post from a year ago, when things were pretty bad, it will give you a good idea.

And here's a little journal entry of mine from November 2013 - just a few weeks before I found Terri:
F**k f**k f**k!!! I punched the wall 3 times while in the bathroom and bawled my eyes out...the kids and I were all excited to go have a yummy Sunday morning breakfast at R's (a local diner) with my folks until Son put on his favorite disgusting, hole-y, stained pants which I just could not allow him to wear out to a restaurant and so the morning was ruined and my folks tried every bribe they could think of which just annoyed me more because they don't understand it's not him just being difficult, it's his actual sensitivity issue! He truly cannot stand the feel of other pants! And then mom says "well it's a shame he can dictate your life like this" and that sent me over the edge and I told them to just leave and go to breakfast without us. Her words hurt because of course they're very true...but we're seeking help to hopefully improve that. F**k. And Son was just so sweet in the middle of all of it and kind of oblivious to it all and that killed me. My dad offered him $5 to buy his pants and Son said he'd use the $ to buy a motorcycle but that he couldn't sell his pants. And he offered to wear his equally-shitty green pants but I said no, those are hole-y, too.

So, after exactly 4 days of 2 drops each of 5 Bach remedies, the kids and I were sitting on the front porch with a neighbor boy eating Cutie tangerines.

Son, for the first time in his 6 years, peeled an entire Cutie all by himself as I watched in silent amazement.  

A little bit of juice even escaped from one of the slices and dripped down Son's finger.

I waited for the freak-out over sticky, juicy fingers, but he calmly continued and once done, he looked at the neighbor, also 6, and exclaimed, "I peeled it all by myself!"  The boy looked at Son, expecting Son to show that he was only joking about being proud of doing something he himself had probably been doing since the age of 2.  When he saw Son was serious, he then looked at me, and saw me hugging Son, bursting with pride myself.  And sweet little sister was beaming, petting his hair and saying, "Dood dob, Bubba!"

More notes from my journal that week and the following one:
Leaving for errands Son eagerly climbs in the car and sees our snack bag full of apples and says "wow this is gonna be a great day!"  Wow.  Not only happy but eagerly climbing into the car!  He loooooves apples and often eats 2 or 3 a day.  

Today we went to the park, visited Daddy at the fire station, went to Ikea, took In n Out burgers to eat at my folks,' and got home after dark...a very packed day that previously would have been waaaaay too much for Son to handle....and he was FINE.  ALL DAY!!!  UNBELIEVABLE!!!  I'm so, so cautiously THRILLED!!!  He even stepped out of the bath by himself instead of needing to be picked up out of the water!  UN-freaking-BELIEVABLE!!!

Two full days of hanging out with family at my mom and dad's for the holidays and he has been AMAZING!!!  He was cracking up talking with Uncle S. and interacting with everyone so well instead of shyly sitting in the corner playing video games!  He's been so helpful around the house and eager and happy and just NORMAL.  Such, such a joy.  SO fucking refreshing and I can see I have so much more energy just not having to deal with his meltdowns.  

We visited Daddy at the fire station today and he sat on a chair at the table BY HIMSELF, held a goopy sandwich BY HIMSELF, and even ANSWERED QUESTIONS AND CHATTED with Daddy's crew!!!  HOLY shit!!!  So cool and unbelievable!!!  Friggin' breakthrough!!!  Daddy was incredulous as well, watching it all.  He sat right next to Son, ready to jump in  the minute Son got mayonnaise on his finger and threw his sandwich down in frustration, but HE. WAS. FINE.  No shyness.  No embarrassment.  Just normal.   

Fireman's text to me later that night:  


An eloquent man, that husband of mine :)

Of course, it's impossible to say how much of it was the Bach Essences and how much of it was the healing lightworking.  But I can say that the effects of the Remedies seemed to taper off a bit after a few months, at which time we took a break from them for a few weeks, per Terri's suggestion...and then when I started giving them to him again, HOLY BREAKTHROUGH #2!

At the time of writing this post, almost 1 year from starting these remedies, this ebb and flow has remained true.   Amazing steps forward with each round of remedies, and then returning to less and less of the old ways each time...kind of like 5 steps forward, 1 step back.

Any parent will take that, right?

And I actually haven't given them to him in probably 4 months now...there's been no screaming need.


As for the lightworking?  

Wow.  Just wow.  It has ended up being another of the most unbelievable blessings in our lives, and is the catalyst for a Children's Book of Love + Lightworking that I'm currently creating.   I'll teach you how to do some lightworking of your own in Part 3 or 4 of this series, so stay tuned and be sure to sign up for my newsletter below!

Love + light ~


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