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Danielle Laporte. The Desire Map.

Ring a bell?

If it does, then you can skip to the point <right here>.

If not, then I'll share with you that

a)  I've had a massive chick-crush on her for 2 years now,
secondly) she's on my list of the Top 5 people I'd most like to go to happy hour with and
3) she's changed MY world, and IS changing others' worlds, one heartfelt conversation at a time, by giving people tools with which to change their world.

All via DESIRE.


(soulful) workshop-in-a-box

(-danielle laporte)

If you're a natural gatherer, leader, speaker, teacher, conversationalist, or simply magnificent woman who desires to feel more and help others do the same, then Laporte's Desiremap Licensing Program just may be for you.  

As Danielle explains on her site,

The Desire Map is a tool for holistic living. It puts your core desired feelings at the heart of your goal setting and life planning.

Danielle's program can be facilitated any way you choose:  a gathering of your 5 closest friends, a yoga studio full of 30 people, a Skype conference, in an existing coaching business...the sky is not even the limit.

Make money doing meaningful work.  -Danielle Laporte

It just might be the answer to your desire (and right!) to get paid for doing meaningful work in this world.

If you'd like to start by first transforming your own life, there are a number of ways to bring DESIRE into your life:

The Desire Map Book
The Desire Map eBook

The 2015 Desire Map Day Planner
The Desire Map:  Audio Book (MP3)

Have you read/done The Desire Map?  I'd love to hear how it changed your life!

Love + light~


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