GOOT (garlic+olive oil+coconut oil) For Colds/Coughs/Croup

Weird name, amazing results...still trying to figure out what the T is for...can't be for Tonic.  Not Tincture, either.  

Anyway,  I'm not sure which website I learned about it from, unfortunately, since I'd like to give credit where credit is due, but the recipe is so simple I read it once and closed my browser!

The kids just got their first colds of the season, with the dreaded croupy coughing being the main symptom...our Chestal Homeopathic Cough Syrup didn't do much (and is not popular with my kids), our essential oils both topically and vaporized didn't seem to do much.  (If you have croup in your house, you'll definitely want to read about what else helped our croupy son.)

So when I happened upon GOOT, I thought I'd give it a try...HOLY COW!  It worked amazingly!  It seriously seemed to work instantaneously - child would be coughing, i'd apply some GOOT to feet or chest, coughing stopped.  No joke.  Every time.  Only one night did I have to reapply during the night, otherwise the kids slept with no coughing!

3 tbsp Coconut Oil (preferably organic, virgin)

3 tbsp Olive Oil 

3 tbsp fresh chopped garlic (preferably organic)

              Chop garlic by hand or in food processor/blender.  Warm coconut oil under hot water or in small pot just until melted, then pour into food processor/blender and add the olive oil too.  Blend at high speed for 2 minutes.  Strain out any garlic chunks (don't toss them!  smear that deliciousness on some buttery toasted bread or toss in a pan and saute with some onion!) , then pour mixture into glass container (I used a shot glass).  Put in fridge to harden up, and then rub that salve on anyone and anything that needs some health-boosting (safe for ANY age)!  Stays good in fridge for 2 weeks.

               ~ on bottom of feet to fight cold/flu/infection
               ~ on chests for coughs/colds/croup/pneumonia/bronchitis
               ~ in nostrils for sinus infections
               ~ in ears for ear infections
               ~ in mouths for sores
               ~ on athlete's feet or jock itch area or yeast infections/rashes

We all know garlic is nature's antibiotic, and applied directly to the skin it goes straight into the blood stream.  No beatin' around the bush with this's potent!  I waited until my kids were asleep to smear it on their feet and chests, and they never mentioned smelling funny when they woke...probably because they're used to garlic in this house, though :)  

Super easy, effective and delicious...

Have you heard of/tried GOOT before?  Hope this helps your family this season!

Love + light ~


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