Discover Your Life Purpose!

Have you ever wondered just why the heck you're here on Earth?

What the purpose of your life is?

What your gift is to the world?

I've always abstractedly pondered these questions, but never had the space or intent to really answer them  before the journey these past 3 years held.  Since leaving corporate America to stay home with the babes (thanks to husband holding down the financial fort), I've reunited Me with Myself and I. 

I was catapulted into my awakening, my self-exploration, my self-discovery. I was brought to my knees, literally, with physical pain, as well as with mental pain over the challenges my children faced. I was dared to push through the veils of fear that consumed me to the point of making myself physically ill...and discover the freedom and abundance and JOY that awaited me on the other side. I've learned how to listen to my to honor my heart, my creative self, my femininity, others' journeys.

I've discovered I adore writing, acrobatics, and spreading love, light and joy...all things that I adored as a child. I could've saved myself some time and agony by honoring the little girl in me all along...but then I would've missed that sweet taste of coming home. Journeys and adventures are delicious, but there's no place like home.

Discovering your Life Purpose is a transformational that will leave you with peace of mind, a feeling of purpose, of rebirth, of connecting with your higher self...of coming home.

Al Diaz
Innovator of My Life Purpose and Gift
Author, Film Producer
International Keynote Speaker

After discovering my own Life Purpose and Gift, I knew I wanted to guide others to discover theirs ~ it is one of the ways I spread that love, light and joy.  

As a Certified Life Purpose Guide under Al Diaz' Life Purpose Discovery (TM) process, I will guide you to remember your “calling”, the reason why you are here, your Life Purpose.

I know we parents (especially us Mamas) tend to put our own needs last.  It's hard enough to find the time to take a darn shower or hit a yoga class, much less delve into our hearts and souls for an Inner Workout.  

That's why I absolutely fell in love with this process, and became a Certified Guide:  because in just 1 little hour, for less money than some Lululemon yoga pants, your entire life can be transformed.

"Yogi Bahjan used to say “We are human beings, not human doings.” 

Before our Life Purpose conversation, I was certain you were going to 
tell me my purpose was to write or make art. I was convinced you would
 tell what to “do” with my life. And honestly, I was relieved because
 I was weary from struggling with the burden.  Instead, you assisted me 
with something more fundamental. You helped me find how best to “BE” 
in this life.  I now have a way to measure my choices; against the 
simple truths of my most essential motivations. Ahhh, what clarity, 
thank you! I am grateful for your joyful presence and loving guidance 
throughout the process.  It has been wonderful to watch you use your gifts 
to help others in the way you have."              
- Bethany C.

Knowing your Life Purpose gives you a tool with which to honor your true Self in any decision you make.

There are a lot of gurus, coaches, transformational speakers, etc., out there, which is WONDERFUL because it means humanity is hungering for this growth.  However, some of their well-meaning approaches tell you how to be, what to do, how to think.  Don't allow anyone else to tell You what's best for You because...

You already have all the knowledge you'll ever need.
You just need guidance on how to access it.  You already know your personal truths...they are held in your heart.  All you need is someone to guide you to remember them.

"I found that the Life Purpose program was a great way of narrowing down a lot of mental clutter for me!  Prior to the session with you, I had several directions I was looking at, and trying to go in at once, which made things rather confusing - I wanted to do all of them, but knew I had to choose one to concentrate on for the time being.  My background is art, so it made sense that I use my art in conjunction with the results that were presented to me.  Thank you for this experience Kim.  It got to the point and was fun at the same time!"    
                                                - Randy A.
Your mind (Ego) is usually the one doing the's time to give your heart a voice.

Empower your heart's wisdom.

Take an hour for your Self, and create a new trajectory for your life.

You are worth it.

I'd be honored to guide you to your True Self...with love + light,


$77 $33- Discover Your Life Purpose 
  (1-1.5 hr. call)


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