Feeling Bat-Shit Crazy? It's The Moon!

I was totally blindsided last week the day of the Blood Moon...I knew the full moon was coming up, but I hadn't kept track of what was happening when.  

So when I learned about the Blood Moon the very day of it, I was both relieved that there was this simple explanation for my toddler's recent night awakenings, and also astounded that I would start my menses on that very day, too.

A day or two after my menses, I wondered why I was still feeling so achy, exhausted and foggy.  I just felt out-of-it.  I had a pulling ache behind one knee, a dull headache, and began to worry myself about various health issues.

I GOOGLE'd Blood Moon and exhaustion and lo and behold, I was not alone!  

As the amazing internet always does, it connected me with others who are experiencing the same physical symptoms, helping me to not feel so strange and isolated.  April, with it's Cardinal Grand Cross, is an incredibly powerful and intense month of changes, and if you're at all sensitive like I am, you'll feel it in one way or another!

This site said something to the effect of if you're not feeling odd and out-of-it yet, you will be soon!

I've lately been wracked with almost daily bouts of gut-wrenching fear and anxiety surrounding the government, repression, big pharma and the like.  An overall sense of just how out of control this country has gotten, and a fear when I feel vulnerable and helpless.

I've been talking to my angels a lot...working on releasing fears and staying strong in my positive thoughts of what I DO want, not what I DON'T want.  

I actually feel quite honored to be a part of this massive movement of collective human consciousness towards enlightenment...towards healing humanity and our Mother Earth. 

 But holy crap, every once in awhile I do just wish I could go back to the days of complete ignorance...just for 5 minutes, maybe.

But there's work to be done here, and we are DOING it, fellow lightworkers!  I leave you with the lyrics of the song that has been on constant replay in my head for over a week now...it took me a few days to realize it's a direct message from up above - duh.  And oh, what a message it is...we are not alone, not even in our darkest moments.  

Love + light to you ~
We're your friends
We're your friends
We're your friends to the bitter end

When you're alone

Who comes around

To pluck you up

When you are down

And when you're outside, looking in
Who's there to open the door?
That's what friends are for!

Who's always eager to extend

A friendly claw?

That's what friends are for!

And when you're lost in dire need

Who's at your side at lightning speed?

We're friends of every creature

Comin' down the pike

In fact we never met an animal
We didn't like, didn't like

So you can see

We're friends in need

And friends in need

Are friends indeed

We'll keep you safe
In the jungle forevermore

(That's What Friends Are For - The Vulture Song - Jungle Book)

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