Homemade Sourdough Bread

I'm finally attempting homemade sourdough bread...not sure why it took me so long to take action and just do it, but grateful I took the first step.  

It was really hard.

I mixed some flour with some water, and let it sit on the counter all night.

In the morning I added some more flour and water, and let it sit on the counter all day.

I did this pattern for a week, and will be baking my first loaf tomorrow!

I used Nourished Kitchen's Sourdough Starter and Sourdough Bread tutorials. 

Why is traditionally prepared sourdough bread so good for you?  You might like to read Real Food Forager's 5 Reasons To Make Sourdough Your Only Bread.

Do you make bread?  What do you enjoy making?  What's your favorite kind of bread?

Love + light ~



  1. Hi Kim~ I wanted to mention Sourdough bread making has been a spiritual journey for me. Sounds funny but true. lol I finally got the weekly routine set and loving it! You also know me as Savanna C. from Healthy Organic Moms Group. You and I have to meet in person soon! Love, Sena

    1. Hi Sena! I love your description lol!!! I'm going to have to pick your brain because my sourdough journey didn't start off so well so they're hibernating in the fridge until I have the patience to try again...can't wait to meet you!



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