Don't Have Money Issues? You're Delusional.

"Anyone who says they don't have money issues is lying - or perhaps they're simply delusional.  Money is so omnipresent in our lives and  yet so rarely discussed on a deeper level that we don't even understand the influence it has on us."  (Money:  A Love Story)

What is your relationship with money?  How has your past determined that?

To find out, take this quiz.

It's on Kate Northrup's site - she's the author of this book:

(click book to find on Amazon)

I'm a huge reader, but am embarrassed to admit that I'm not a huge book-buyer.  Books have to be pretty spectacular for me to pay for them and admit them into my exclusive personal library.  They have to be life-changers.  I'm embarrassed by that because one of my goals in life is to become a best-selling I suppose I should support more authors if I want to be supported in my future.

Anyway, this one is in my library.  It made the cut.  It's amazing.  

Somewhere on Kate's site I read a comment from a reader who said she had read many, many financial books, including Robert Koyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad,  but still found the financial advice in them to be elusive, impractical, difficult to implement.  

I couldn't agree more.

"...your ledge could be the relationship you're clinging to because you don't think you can make it financially on your own, the job you hate but stay in because it's a steady paycheck, or the business partnership that just doesn't feel good but you stay in because you don't think you have what it takes to do it by yourself.  
      Prince Charming, or your ledge, can come in many shapes and sizes...the sheer act of reading this chapter is planting the necessary seeds for your awareness to grow...about letting go of the ledge..."

I adore this book.  

It's like your best girlfriend is giving you amazing, feel-good, super-poignant, life-changing, therapeutic easy-to-implement financial advice about something that is usually discussed in such a disconnected and boring way.

Money, money, money.

We all have a love / hate relationship with it in some way.

Kate takes you down an introspective and heart-opening path to rid ourselves of any skeletons in our financial closets so that we can finally allow the money we want in our lives to come to us.  

"You're only going to stick with something, especially in terms of finances, if it feels good.

Whether you're currently in financial discomfort or you'd simply like to continue to expand your abundance, making your money practices fun and pleasurable will serve you."

The book is a project, not a read-in-one-long-night kind of book.  But it's a super fun, and super duper IMPORTANT project that will change your life if you simply open your heart and mind.

I'm in the middle of it myself, and will be sharing more about my money love journey as I go.

Browse around Kate's site and get a feel for her amazing mission to get everyone back into a loving relationship with their money.

Or trust your intuition like I did and buy the book immediately - sometimes you just know when something is right for you.

Have you read any great financial books or sites that inspired you?

I'd love to hear!

Love + light ~


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