Why Does My Child's Sleep Regress?

I kind of freaked out last night, er, this morning, at 3:21 AM.

It was my 21 month old's 3rd awakening for the night, and the 7th night of these multiple awakenings, and she just could not get back to sleep.  

For close to an hour.

Nursing.  Chomping.  Grabbing.  Wiggling.  Twisting.  Pinching.  Whimpering.  Agitated.

Every time I tried to carefully, quietly transfer her to her crib, she woke and cried loudly.


She had been in such a great sleep rhythm before this started, sleeping through the night completely, cutting out the single remaining nursing session she often waked for.  I even took her for a cranio sacral adjustment with our amazing chiropractor yesterday, which always seems to do the trick with these hiccups in sleep.

So that's why my groggy mind started wandering to the worst possible diseases and illnesses in those dark wee hours - this couldn't be normal.  This wasn't right.  There's something wrong.  I got myself so worked up that I got a stomachache and was sweating a bit.

It's been an awful week of sleep-deprivation, toddler meltdowns over everything, a cranky mommy, and hence cranky kids, all without Fireman.  I hit my wall.

I managed to refocus my thoughts after about 30 minutes of this, and envisioned myself and my daughter in peaceful, deep sleep, bodies relaxed, breathing evenly and deeply.  And there may have been some urgent chatting with certain Angels and Archangels.  After about 5 minutes of this "meditation," she was in a deep enough sleep that she stayed asleep as I put her in her bed.

2.5 hours later - awake again, for good.

This has happened quite a few times in her young life - getting in a good rhythm and then BAM!  Everything goes to hell and I wonder what the heck is going on?

And it's spaced just far enough apart that I forget about sleep regression.

I jumped online early this morning to refresh myself on it, and felt a whole lot better about it all.  Yes, she's technically 3 months past the classic 18-month regression, and I know she had a regression at around 18 months, but I definitely believe this is another regression of sorts.  She's dealing with all 4 molars coming in, lots of new words trying to come out of her mouth, and huge meltdowns lately over wanting things she can't have.  And I believe our new-ish routine now that big brother's in kindergarten has played a part since her naps have been sporadic and random.

Check out The Baby Sleep Site if you, too, are a bewildered, exhausted parent.  This too shall pass.  Hang in there.  There IS hope!

And go here for a good parent laugh and commiseration.

Love + light ~


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