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"Everyone deserves to experience a long happy healthy life. When you have interference in the flow of energy in your body, the result is dis-ease. Dis-ease occurs when your body functions at less than 100%. When you are dis-eased, you become a breeding ground for disease. It is imperative to correct any interference with your flow of energy if you want to be healthy." (TemeculaWellnessCenter.com)

Reiki, meditation, acupuncture...they're all forms of energy healing.

Dr. Terry A. Rondberg, founder and creator of Temecula Wellness Center, has taken energy healing to a new level with his Bioenergy Technique.  

He is beyond qualified and knowledgeable about all things energy as a Doctor of Chiropractic, a yoga and martial arts practitioner, a student of shamans and energy healers worldwide, a wellness author and speaker, founder and president of the non-profit World Chiropractic Alliance, a licensed massage therapist, and recipient of a Diplomate in Energy Medicine from the American Association of Integrative Medicine.

My family (kids, parents, and grandparents!) and I have recently begun going to Temecula Wellness Center and are blown away at the overall sense of well-being and peace we are experiencing. Deep, restful sleep, achy muscles relieved, much higher energy levels....and all this after just a few weeks.

If you take a minute to watch this video, you'll see what this kind of energy healing is doing for people over longer periods of time with chronic diseases.

As for first-hand success stories:

My friend has finally found relief after 6 years of indigestion/acid reflux and IBS.
My mom's nerve tingling/vibration in her arms and hands has almost disappeared after just 2 weeks!
My 69-year old dad's energy has gone through the roof.
My toddler's insomnia and teething irritation was literally gone after one visit.
My son's OCD-like behaviors had begun to flare-up at bedtime and were gone after one visit.
My own anxiety and worry about my kid's recent health issues had gotten me all stressed out to the point of stomachaches and insomnia...gone after my first week with Dr. Terry.

You don't have to live with pain, chronic illness, insomnia, anxiety, depression, fatigue, etc. Allopathic doctors might beg to differ, and offer pharmaceutical drugs as the only option for your ailment.

But I can assure you there's a whole world of alternative options if you are willing to take responsibility for your own health, take charge in seeking out that which makes you well, and having faith that it can and will happen!

 Fear of our ailments and diseases is powerful...I know. I was fearful of my "bad back" (disc herniation surgery and then re-herniations) for a decade. Not anymore. And guess what? Once my fear and worry left, the aches and flare-ups disappeared.

I am beyond grateful and thrilled to have Temecula Wellness Center in our town.

If you live within driving distance of Temecula, you are in such luck. As Dr. Terry states on his website, "with modern life we are surrounded by steel concrete, pavement, automobiles etc. We all have iPads, smart phones, computers, and many of these are potentially harmful with unnatural PEMF frequencies called electro-smog. Using the PEMF [wellness mat] on a regular basis can counter and supplement our deprived well-being."

I try to meditate (tough with little ones around).  I've had acupuncture (love it but expensive).  And I see a cranio-sacral chiropractor when I have any health issues.  But I've never before known of an option to combat the daily toll our bodies take just from modern living, besides clean eating (which doesn't always happen).

Temecula Wellness Center is IT...check out the wellness circuit here.

The absolute best part about Temecula Wellness Center, besides getting well of course, is the affordability.  Dr. Terry has structured it like a gym, with a monthly fee, and you can visit as many times as you like!  My husband and I were each going to our chiropractor just one time a month, for a total of $130 / month.  Both of us at Temecula Wellness Center is less than that and we can go every single day.

If you live elsewhere, it's just a matter of time before a center like this comes your way, so hang in there and explore the myriad of other energy healing techniques out there!

Love + light ~


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