Cold + Flu Directory for All Ages

I had been gathering links to great cold and flu information on various blogs, in preparation for putting together a Cold + Flu "directory" for parents to stock up for the season and feel confident being prepared.  Or at the very least have somewhere to go when illness strikes and they just can't remember what to do.

And then I happened upon Real Food RN's 100+ DIY Remedies For Colds, Flu And Everything Else.

Her post has quite a lot of information, and can be overwhelming, especially if you're just delving into herbal/home remedies, so just implement what speaks to you and is easiest for you to start sense in adding to stress which can perpetuate illness itself!
In my home, I swear by:

1. My homemade Super Tonic

 Don't have time to make it? Buy here.  Preventatively, I give my son a dash of it, and a dash of Echinacea (below), in a shot of apple juice, every other day or so.  I dose more if he has a cold.  My daughter is still nursing so I don't worry too much about her.

2. Dr. Schulze's Echinacea

3. Spoonfuls of raw, local honey topped with cinnamon...yum!  (Find some at your local farmer's market.)

After reading Real Food RN's post, I'm going to try a few new things this season:

1. Homemade Elderberry Syrup + Gummies. (We've loved store-bought, so i'm excited to make it and save $ this year!)

2. Garlic Syrup. Whaaaa?  I didn't know this was possible!  I'm so excited for this one as it's hard to chomp on a whole raw clove when you're not feeling well. And I know my kiddos will love it since it's full of yummy honey.

Thump our thymus glands. Say what? Check it out here.

What are your plans of attack, or prevention plans, this season?

Stay well!

Love + light ~


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