NaBloPoMo - huh?

It stands for National Blog Posting Month (BlogHer), and it is a challenge bloggers can accept to write a post on their blog every single day.

That might not seem too note-worthy to some, but to a busy mom who likes to carefully think out each post I write, it's a bit daunting. But I've decided to accept the challenge because, for one, it just feels like the right step to take with my blog. Secondly, the theme for the month of September is SERVE, and that spoke to me as that really is the mission of this blog. And thirdly, I've decided to not stress myself out with writing lengthy daily posts, but rather doing something I've been contemplating for awhile: SERVING my readers by posting one link a day to valuable or interesting information that can improve your life; and thus SERVING my fellow bloggers by bringing attention to their great posts.

I hope you'll check back daily and find amazing new things through my links!

Here's today's:

Why you need to go barefoot in your yard. (Earthing)

Love + light ~


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