Dreaming About Departed Loved Ones - NaBloPoMo Day 2

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I've only had one of these dreams that I know of or remember, and it was with my beloved, departed grandmother, about one year after she passed. In the dream I was driving a pickup truck and was backing it out of a very tight, walled spot, and my grandmother was in the truck helping spot me, making sure I didn't scrape the wall. Then later in the dream she was before me in the form of...a tall, lanky, cowboy complete with jeans, boots and a cowboy hat!!!! Almost exactly how I view Alan Jackson...how hilarious is that?

Reflecting on the first part of the dream, I now understand that she was letting me know she'll always be there for me; will always watch over me. It makes tears well in my eyes just thinking about it again. As for the second part of the dream...i'm not sure. Alan does happen to be my favorite country artist...he represents, for me, honor, genuineness, humbleness...basically a hard-working, honest, true American. And those are absolutely what my grandmother was, too. Our entire family is full of country music fans, so it's pretty neat she weaved that into the dream.

I'm asking her to come to me again in a dream...sometimes I forget that all we have to do is ask.

I'd love to hear about your dreams!

Love + light ~


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