Yes, REIKI Can Help You! And Your Kids, Too!

My best friend is a Reiki Master.

How cool is that?  I love how it sounds. 

I want to be a Master at something....and not through a Master's Degree....that doesn't sound quite as cool.

I'm thinking Ninja Master?  

One-Handed-Beer-Bottle-Opener-Cuz-Mama-Needs-A-Drink-And-Is-Holding-Baby Master?  Already achieved that one! 

The kids, hubby and I have been fortunate enough to have received multiple healings, sometimes in a moment's notice for our "emergency" situations, as she is continuously working to hone her skills.  She has helped me through intense grief, the whole family through a bad stomach virus, my son through some sensory sensitivities and OCD-like behavior (he was like a BRAND-NEW child the day after her work!), my husband through stomach pain, stress and headaches, and so many more things that you'd begin to think we're ill people if I told you about them all!  

I work very hard at keeping my family healthy: homemade, mostly organic nourishing foods, fermented cod liver oil, coconut oil, probiotics, herbs, highly filtered water, homeopathy...even minimizing stress and anxiety by learning how to parent calmer and more effectively.  

So it's only natural that I incorporate the health of our minds and spirits to keep our bodies, as a whole, healthy.  

Her work has really allowed us to expand our thinking and our hearts, and to pay better attention to how our feelings/stress levels are affecting our physical health, and vice versa.  

For example, before ever getting Reiki done, I never thought to connect stomachaches with anything other than the need to go #2 or an illness coming on.  Through Nicole's work I've discovered that many tummy aches in the family were a direct result of stress or worry over something at the time.  

Her detailed work is are the notes I received following one of her distance healing sessions on me:

"Spirit REALLY wants for me to get you this information NOW, so maybe you need it a bit more tonight than you realize (aka tomorrow is no good!;))...

By the way, Are you completely exhausted? If so,I definitely tapped into your energy. And Girrrl! You are all up in your head! From family, to work, to Life Path questions, to earth consciousness as a whole. I could feel it all and below you will see details about the work I did in that region (e.g. physical head, 3rd Eye & Crown Chakra). Plus, check out where I was guided to place your crystals before I even began the actual healing portion of your session!   

*I have attached a description of the crystals that I work with to this email and you can refer to it whenever you would like a reminder about their meanings.

The crystals that chose you are (see pic): 

Aventurine next to Right side of the head/over shoulder
Clear Quartz, above crown chakra
Citrine next to Left side of head/over shoulder
Clear Quartz can be programmed to represent what you need assistance with. I was guided to have it: relieve worry & stress, but I set the intention that you can change/re-program it at anytime and the infused Reiki energy will remain and take that "form" to support you...

Aside from a little tingle at your Heart Chakra and at the bottoms of your feet, I was focused on your head & back... Not to be forgotten, I inserted Divine Love & Peace over your heart chakra and ran energy under the soles of your feet. I also inserted all symbols into your 3rd Chakra with the intention that what you need will be directed wherever it needs to go...

Okay! So the good stuff;)

While working on your back, when I began my work, I could "see" a red "lava" running down your spine- cervical spine all the way to/through the pelvis. I worked to remove some of it, but it was stubborn! So, I asked what symbols would assist me with my goal of relieving pain and getting that "stuff" to budge... I inserted a symbol that opens the main energy meridian running up the spine, facilitates the flow of Kundalini energy, clears blocks, and helps the life force energy to travel deeply into the energy system. I then was guided to include a symbol that clears lower chakras, allows the person to more easily bring through Spiritual guidance & manifest it in the Spiritual world. It also helps to release any fears of success or failures. It can help to ground you with the goal of easing those "spacey" moments.  I then visualized a cooling, peaceful, soothing blue to over-take the red and did so starting from the top and worked my way down. This worked and eliminated the "red" by replacing it with this beautiful blue.

Next, on to the physical head-mind/3rd eye/crown chakra... Two special symbols came through VERY STRONG. Their meanings: Accessing Divine Will/Divine Personal Power- helping you to create your life the way YOU want it to be; releasing guilt, shame, fear; take action even when others have doubts/disagree with your decisions; empowers you to achive goals; heals co-dependence; connects you to crystals (so hopefully you feel it nice & strong when you get your crystals:)). The second: Accessing Divine Wisdom & Divine Knowledge; deep healing; Increases creativity; dissolves creative blocks for artists, musicians, writers, etc; allows organic thoughts by improving mental clarity; clearer communication.

I hope you feel some mental & physical relief and I know that this healing energy is going to help you move forward with ALL things... When in doubt, go to your crystals, hold them in your hand and I believe that the energy will course through you."

Many people do not know exactly what Reiki is, nor how exactly it works or what it works for, so I asked Nicole some questions, which are also answered on her website:

What exactly is Reiki and how does it work to help the body?

Although an exact definition when translating Japanese into English can be difficult to interpret, when used in a spiritual healing context, the word "Rei" means "Universal or Source/God" and "Ki" means "Life Force Energy". Combined, Reiki is defined as "Spiritually guided life force energy."
Reiki is a non-invasive energetic healing modality that works in conjunction with all other forms of treatment and can do no harm. The goal of a Reiki session is to clear any blocks (mental, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual) and make sure that the receiver's life force energy is high and flowing smoothly throughout the body. It is believed that when a person's life force energy is balanced and flowing unimpeded through the body, they will experience anything from better health (physical and/or mental), increased inner peace, deeper relaxation, happiness, to an overall sense of well-being. If their life force energy is low or blocked, it is possible that they may suffer from higher stress levels, aches and pains, exhaustion, and/or illness.

Who can get Reiki done?

Anyone of any age!

Does it feel like anything? And what can be expected after a session?

Experiences can vary. Some have reported feeling a warm “glow” that surrounds their body, while others sense the energy as cool and “refreshing.” There can also be light tingling sensations or you may feel energy in one location on your body, but upon further investigation, realize that your Reiki practitioner is not working where you would have guessed. The possibility that you may “feel” nothing at all also exists. But, the God/Source energy IS at work and you may notice a shift in your clarity or stress levels right away or even days after you have received your healing.

Overall, the most common feedback is that the energy is loving, calming, and extremely relaxing, and yet, you feel a sense of renewal and are energized both immediately and in the days following your session(s).

Does it help illnesses and emotional states such as depression, sadness, anger?

Because Reiki energy is channeled from Source/Spirit, there is no limit to what it can accomplish. In terms of any illness (physical and/or mental/emotional), it is always best to seek professional medical advice. But, the beauty of Reiki is that it can be used in conjunction with Western medicine, as it does not interfere with any other healing modality. And, by eliminating blockages, you are better able to process your feelings and handle difficult situations. Increased relaxation and stress reduction are often recommended to aid in multiple ailments and receiving loving energy brings a peace that will ease anxiety, anger, worry, and pain (physical & emotional), leaving you in a better place to ward off or even accept these feelings as situations arise that may reignite them.

Do you have to physically be with the person to do a session?

No!  Distance Healings are a great option especially for busy parents and kids, and are as effective as in-person healing sessions.  If you would like to schedule an in-person session, and do not know anyone who is able to recommend someone near you, the easiest way to find a Reiki practitioner is to do a search online and then contact the people who stand out to you. After reading about their training and background on their website, followed by speaking with them, you will have experienced their personal energy. Trust how you feel about each person. You will be drawn to the right Reiki practitioner for you.

How often should it be done?

The number of sessions and frequency in which they occur will be different per person, animal, or situation. I wish that I could say that one session will eliminate every problem for everyone. I also wish that I could say that once we have had several sessions addressing a specific issue, that all will be well from that point on. Unfortunately, this is not the case in either situation. It might help to put it into a different perspective… For example, I know that I often find myself wishing that after one awesome workout, I can look in the mirror and discover a perfect six-pack. But, just as it took time and certain behaviors to create the current appearance of my midsection, it will also take time and an adjustment to my previous lifestyle to see that “rock hard” physique reflected back at me;)

But, please don’t get me wrong!  One session is a tremendous place to start your healing journey and begin to work through existing issues that you may or may not even be aware of!  Life is unpredictable and certain stressors can trigger new and/or unresolved matters. These stressors change and differ based on age, time, place, etc. The goal of Reiki is to keep the life force energy running high and smoothly throughout your bod y, so that every situation encountered can be done so with an open heart and mind.

Nicole Higashi is a Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki® II Practitioner, and a Sai Mai Diksha Practitioner.  Click here for her website...I highly recommend scheduling a session with her if you or anyone in your family could use that boost towards complete health.  (She also has Parent n Me and Dance ~ Connect ~ Heal classes!)

Have you ever had Reiki done?  Share your experience!

Update 9/27/2014
I'm Reiki I Certified!  Woohoo!  I took a one day course with Nicole, and am so grateful to have these skills and abilities.  It has brought me great peace of mind when one of the kids gets sick or instead of texting Nicole for some emergency Reiki, I can offer that calm and peace to my loved ones myself!  If you have any desire to delve into Reiki, I urge you to do so...and check Nicole's site often as she offers these certification courses from time to time.

Love + light ~



  1. Thank you SO much for writing such a wonderfully informative blog post about your family's experience with my work, Higashi Healing, and Reiki!!! I truly, truly appreciate it! I am also happy to answer any further questions that may arise for you and/or any of your readers:) Love & Hugs!

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