Preparing Immune Systems For School

I have not been wanting to face the fact that my first-born baby is heading off to Kindergarten in one week.  

I get a little knot in my stomach every time I think about actually having to get myself and 2 children up and out of the house with nice-ish clothes on and packed lunches and clean teeth and ears.

This anxiety is not good.  Especially since we all know kids are very attuned to our energy and emotions...and especially since the last thing i need to be doing is adding to Son's anxiety.

So thank heavens for Facebook...and for those mom-friends who post about the new gear and clothes and what-not they have gotten for their kiddos in, oh, July, when I'm just perfecting my popsicle recipe and planning beach days.   

Honestly, I saw those posts and thought, geez, really?  So soon?  

But subconsciously it started to work on me and then before I knew it it was August, and I was grateful to have their posts as reminders because I really need to make sure this whole real-big-boy-school transition goes well.  

If it doesn't, I'm going to have to homeschool...and I kind of want to do that (10%), and I kind of don't (90%).

In our town, school starts in mid-August.  I pretty much want to slap in the face whoever came up with that idea.  August is not for school.  September is.  It's nature.  August feels so wrong.  It feels like we'll just continue our hot-weather routine but, oh yea, we have to go to school here and there, too. 

Anyway, I knew where to start with health.  

I've begun preparing Son's body for the invasion of germs from 30+ children for a week now with my go-to guy's herbs.  

I did this regimen last year in preparation for preschool, and after one cold and one stomach bug all winter, I'd say it worked well.  I gave Son daily:

1/2 Dropperful Dr. Schulze's Echinacea  +

1/2 Dropperful Dr. Schulze's Super Tonic an ounce of water with a dash of juice.

Son also takes Fermented Cod Liver Oil daily (he loves the chocolate flavor, 
Daughter won't touch ANY flavor), and sometimes a pinch of Oscillococcinum 
for extra protection against the flu bug. 

Now for the gear.  

I'm probably the only mom left who didn't know has stuff other than baby clothes.  I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I once clicked on one of their ads to see what the big deal was about, took a look at one item, decided it was an expensive site, and never went back.  

I've since seen the light...there's adorable and affordable stuff.   I got Son's  backpack and am going to get some of these Keen shoes for the kids - they are awesome and sturdy and so versatile.  

And If you have a tween, is having a tween Back to School week with fun, different styles on sale every day.

Now for what to put in the gear.  

Specifically, food.  If you're blessed with un-picky eaters, I envy you.  This part of school preparation is one of the aspects causing me much worry, because if my kid doesn't like what's in front of him, or it gets gross from the heat, or one food spills into another, then he won't eat.  If he doesn't eat, blood sugar gets low.  When blood sugar gets low, things get ugly.   

So, I'd like to thank the universe for bringing us 100 Days Of Real Food.  

The creator, Lisa, has saved me (and who knows how many thousands of other moms) countless hours of research, trial and error, spoiled food, hungry bellies, and a multitude of other heartache with this post alone.   I'm not going to lie - I clicked away and half an hour later had Amazon packing up half the products she writes about to ship out to yours truly.  

Like these Ziploc divided (leakproof) containers...



You might feel like joining me in kissing her feet after  you read this post about her real food school lunches.  Her pictures of her girls' lunches will inspire you to pack something other than the same old sandwich and apple.  

I'm almost feeling prepared.  

Except for getting Son's hair cut, creating a daily clothes-layout shelf for easier morning dressing, figuring out some quick but hearty breakfasts, trying to wrangle the kids into the house sooner in the evenings to start earlier bedtimes...aahhhhh!

How are you preparing?  

Love + light ~


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