A Family-Friendly Full Moon Ritual

I'm writing this post from my iPhone while sitting in my car waiting to pick up my Kindergartener.

This is a first for me - I feel like such a real mom now with this whole waiting-in-line-at-school thing! 

This past week has been emotionally and physically exhausting for both me and my little one, as he's not too keen on this whole school thing yet.

I was searching for "answers" to all this trauma while reading my spiritual/metaphysical guru lady, Anne Reith's, most recent post about the Full Moon, which occurred yesterday, and I wanted to share the simple ways our family took advantage of the power of the full moon.

To be clear, I'm new to all this.  

I'm not a star-gazing, moon-worshipping, midnight sorceress.

And I'd never done a moon ritual before this...I'm just the mom next door who is slowly discovering the magic of the metaphysical world, and I'm starting to add fun little bits of this and that to our lives, however it feels right.  All this Reiki we've been lucky to get must be making an impact!

I followed Anne Ribley's guideline (so many Anne's I admire!):  I turned on my fave MC Yogi channel on Pandora, gathered the family, and we all took pen to paper scraps to write down that which we'd like gone from our lives, our emotions, whatever it may be. 

As Anne puts it, "The areas where you need Divine help to heal whether it be something on the inside of you or a life situation."

Son loved this.  He scribbled madly on about 78 pieces of paper, and actually stated, "I want this sadness gone from my baby head!"  Fireman and I exchanged surprised looks - a little nugget of this sweet boy's mind at work!  I didn't want to jump all over it and ruin his mojo by asking a gazillion questions, but I was dying to know where that stemmed from and what exactly it meant.  I decided to calmly ask if his sadness is from starting Kindergarten, or just an overall sadness.  He said, "Just sadness."  


What does a parent do with that?  

One of two things:  let it eat at you and worry you and think about calling therapists again and wonder about the depth of your son's emotions OR... give it all over to the Full Moon.

I gave it all up to the Moon...what a wonderful feeling that was, letting it go, knowing that I don't have to fix everything for my kids...knowing that some things will be fixed on their own, in their own time.  I'm still learning how to do that.

We tossed all the little scraps of paper in the fireplace and lit them on fire. (I wanted to do it in a bonfire outside under the moonlight, but Son was intimidated by that idea for some reason)  As the 4 of us watched the mesmerizing flames we yelled "Be gone!"  And grooved a little to the beats. 

Here is the portion of Anne Reith's Full Moon (August 20) post that really spoke to me:

"Overall, this second Full Moon in Aquarius is asking us to do one final check to make sure that we are finding a healthy balance between expressing our personal flare and using that flare to serve the greater community in which we live.

It may be helpful to ask yourself, “What are you being called to be (Leo) and share (Aquarius)?”

This Full Moon reminds us that, “The creative is a place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.” (Alan Alda)"

Wow...I'm so grateful to be discovering all these incredible souls who are lighting my path towards discovering myself further.  This blog is my creative...my wilderness right now...and I'm honored to be sharing this journey with you.

Do you have a full moon ritual?

Love + light ~


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