Fire Wife Life Series ~ FaceTime Made Me Cry

Fireman and I are not gadget people. So we only just joined the smartphone world and I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

 I am crying tears of happiness right now...for FaceTime.

For the kids being able to see Fireman's face at bedtime.

For the meltdown that was averted by Fireman's silly faces after little sister got into brother's special things.

For the future illnesses and injuries that Fireman will now be able to see, real-time, and give his 2-cents on.

 For getting a glimpse into Fireman's days at the station- seeing him laying in his bunk, cooking dinner, cleaning rigs.

For the birthdays and holidays that Fireman will now be able to "join" in on.

For allowing our family to stay closer and more connected, since days and weeks away take its toll on relationships.

For helping Mommy not feel so alone each night.

For Verizon actually having human customer service reps with, gasp, a heart!

I know, I know, we're totally late to this party.

I've actually had my iPhone for a year now, and we were patiently waiting until October for Fireman's upgrade to finally get him one. But due to a poor business decision on Verizon's part (re-nigging on the October date and saying we now had to wait until February), and then a fabulous business decision on Verizon's part (after I spent 3 hours on the phone with them in a discussion that *may* have included some emotional outburst about current CA wildfires, 19 AZ firefighters, how my kids would give anything to see their daddy's face when he's gone for weeks at a time, and how we've been loyal Verizon customers for 12 years), Fireman now has an iPhone.

We also recently got rid of our basic $45 / month cable, and got a $45 Roku + $8 / month Netflix subscription. Again, we should have done this long ago, but I was waiting on Fireman to agree to give up his beloved sports, which was really the whole reason we had cable. That, and Curious George, which is abundantly available on Netflix. He's at work so much he hardly watched sports at home anyway. And when he IS home, he rarely has the luxury of sitting down to watch sports with kids hopping around and wives talking about honey-dos.

This move more than makes up for the $20 / month increase in our cell phone bill for his data now. Being the CFO of this household, this makes me very happy.

What other technological miracles are we missing out on? What makes your life easier/happier/less costly?

Love + light ~


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