Still Drinking Water From Your Fridge?

I was too, until a month ago.

Maybe you, too, have had good intentions of getting a whole house water filter for a looooooong time now? But, like me, are overwhelmed by research and reviews, not to mention the price tag?

Maybe you're still buying bottled water and feel guilty about the cost and landfill waste?

Maybe you have a Sparkletts dispenser in your home, and have to deal with those crazy-heavy jugs?

Maybe you really don't care, or don't know, about the yuckiness in your tap water?

Maybe, like me, you forget to change your fridge's filter and tell yourself it's only a few months overdue when it's probably, oh, a year overdue?

We live technically in Riverside County, but only a few miles from San Diego County, and BOTH made the top 10 WORST water, a water filter is pretty much a necessity here.

A quick google search for your county's water quality will tell you a lot.

I'm going to make this easy for you - actually Mommypotamus is going to make this easy for you. Yes, another referral to Mommypotamus. I know. I should really just go live with her for a week and absorb her brainwaves and be done with my addiction.

You see, the reason I love Mommypotamus is because she spends the time doing the research that I just don't have the time to do, bless her heart. And there's nothing more valuable than a fellow health-minded mom referring something she feels is good enough for her own family. Hence, the success of mom bloggers everywhere.

Which reminds me, I've been dying to email her and ask her just HOW does she do it? She has 2 little ones, another in the oven, and a very successful, time-consuming blog and social media accounts that take a lot of time to respond personally to, not to mention making all the amazing from-scratch recipes that she posts about...there must be a nanny behind the scenes, right? I mean, I can barely sit down to pay a few bills online without being attacked by little people with hungry tummies or poopy diapers.

Aaaaaanyway, here is Mommypotamus' post on the Berkey Water Filter.

I think it was Ron Burgundy who said "that thing is good...I mean, I wanna make friends with it."

This thing is good.
And I wanna make friends with it.

Seriously. It's not just a filter, it's a purifier. 

It is known to remove 100% of pathogens from water! I feel pretty content knowing should there ever be a natural disaster or emergency leaving us without filtered water, this thing can filter lake water, tap water, nasty water, you name it. It's gravity-operated, meaning it's free-standing and not attached to any water supply via a hose. Therefore, you have to manually fill it, but I don't mind that for the benefits it offers. Plus, that means you can take it with you! Road trip, camping, evacuation from said disaster...

I ordered the Royal Berkey (3.25 gal) (with 2 black elements, which filter out fluoride) for just under $300. I got it from because they had the best deal going for shipping + fluoride filters, but there are lots of sites to order it from. The Royal seems to fit our family of 4 plus a dog (yes, he gets the good filtered water, too!) perfectly. I usually fill it every other day, maybe more if I'm using a lot of the water to cook with (boil noodles, make rice, etc.).

MUCH cheaper than a whole house filter, which i'll definitely purchase when I hit the lottery, and definitely not too bad of an investment compared to years of purchasing bottled water or Sparkletts jugs. For now, we have those shower filters you attach to your shower head. No filter on the main spout, though, so the kids are bathing in regular tap water, but what can you do?

I also get anxiety when I think about all the crap we absorb when we swim in our chlorinated pool, but that's a whole other issue. When I win that lottery, I'll change our pool to a saltwater system. Baby steps...

Do you have a Berkey? Do you love it?
Have you been searching for a water purifier?

I'd love to hear from you!

Love and light~


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