"Because we're in the spirit world, asshole. They can't see us!"

Can you name the movie?

Don't worry, I wouldn't have been able to, either, but Fireman is one of those men who has an extra brain hemisphere solely for remembering movie quotes, so I end up learning them by default. Ah, the wonderful things our hubby's teach us, huh?

I'm kind of new to the whole spirit world.

I mean, my grandmother told us grandkids crazy stories of her card reading, levitating tables and her uncanny ESP. I believe in the afterlife, ghosts, spirits, reincarnation, etc. I try to meditate daily, even if that means unsuccessfully trying to empty my brain as I lie in bed, only to pass out 5 minutes later. My previously skeptical husband and I even saw the yellow light of his Solar Plexus chakra while I "felt" his aura one snowy night in a mountain cabin. I had just read Michael Crichton's Travels and was so excited to try the amazing experiences he described. That book is definitely on my Books-That-Changed-My-Life-Forever list. I need to write that list out...it's floating around in my head.

But beyond all that, I'm a newbie. But I am a believer. So when my Reiki Master friend told me about Margaret McCormick, I was very interested. One night I read her entire website, and the next day I ordered her Assessments for the hubby, both kids and myself. It is fascinating.

Here is my emailed Assessment chart (sorry hard to read), and this is what the accompanying email said:

"Your Assessment and first Removal update is below.€ I am attaching “Removal Details” which explain the Removal process and the chart below.€ I'm also attaching a Chakra Diagram for your convenience.
Removals are done every 2 days to give your aura time to rebalance and readjust.€ The
projected dates of the Removals are shown below highlighted.€ You won’t receive another
update until the Removals are completed and protection placed.€ At that time you will
receive your completed chart with details.
If you have any questions now, or during the process, please let me know.
Many Blessings, Margaret"

I had 7 attachments, and Fireman had 8! We were very surprised to have so many, but apparently it's not unusual. I was just glad none of us had any DE's, Dark Entities. As Margaret explains it, those are the scary bad ones that she removes immediately. We figured the kids wouldn't have any, being so young, but Son had one that attached when he was 2! My heart hurt a little when I learned that; knowing he had been stressed or traumatized enough to have a weakened aura made me sad. Margaret explained that oftentimes children are susceptible to attachments after the birth of a sibling, but Son got his long before his sister was born. Our family went through a very stressful period when he was around 2 so it obviously affected him more than we knew, poor little guy.

As you can see from the chart, you are given your age when each attachment occurred, so you can then try to remember what may have happened around that time to weaken your aura. Divorce, illness, injury, trauma, stress...any of these can weaken auras. It was difficult for me to pinpoint events from my childhood, but definitely easier for the newer events.

I am learning to be more in tune to my body, my emotions and all its subtleties, and the more you are, the more you may "feel" something when these removals are taking place. Fireman experienced some buzzing feeling, and Son said his left wrist ached on the day his removal was done. I felt some fatigue and random aches.

You may have noticed the bottom of the chart says "Total of 3.7." That means there are 3.7 "people" using my energy besides myself...no wonder I'm so exhausted half the time! Who knew I had spirits hitching a free ride and sucking me dry! Post-removal I can definitely say I feel more physically energetic...but the most noticeable change has been the leap in my spiritual energy. I now find myself devouring spiritual books, almost hungering for more knowledge, more connection, more meaning. It's as though clouds in my spiritual mind were removed, the air cleared for higher learning.

Along with our removals, we also received Lifetime Protection from any further attachments in this lifetime!

It sounds like a crazy car sales tactic, right? It's hilarious but true...the most amazing spiritual assurance you could ever dream of! I feel truly blessed we were able to do this for not only ourselves, but our kids. As parents we all try to remove obstacles from our kids' paths, hoping to make their journey as smooth as possible whether through higher education, specialized classes, medicine, etc. But few know how to assist our children's spirits and souls on their journey to enlightenment and wisdom. With Margaret's work, they are now completely unhindered by negative energetic forces in their spiritual growth in this lifetime. She describes it as a golden mesh surrounding your aura, impenetrable by negative energy. It's gorgeously amazing to me.

If you're at all a "believer," I strongly suggest you get Margaret's ebook. It's only $6, and it will change your life. As I wrote in my review of it on Amazon, it's simple yet profound, and akin to Buddhist thought: love and kindness will heal the world.

Margaret was also kind enough to pass on her meditation advice, which is so darn simple and fun that I wish I'd known about it my entire life. I've tried many of the numerous meditation how-to's out there: chant a mantra, repeat a sound, imagine clouds floating by, etc. But none of them seemed to work for me, so I just thought it was my own head in the way. But with Margaret's advice, I've actually been able to focus for more than 10 minutes in bed, and I now look forward to it, instead of viewing it as another chore to do before glorious sleep! So, without further ado, here is what she advises, in a nutshell:

Meditation Instructions

1. Think of those things which make you happy.

2. Visualize each thing, one by one, taking your time, picturing it vividly, feeling the joy and happiness it brings, until you feel the emotions dissipate and you feel you are done with each item.

3. Now sit quietly and let that feeling fully overtake you.

This is the meditative state.

I'll leave you with powerful words from both Margaret and Gunter, the Master Teacher she channels:

'You are each powerful spiritual beings. If you believe God can do all things,
and you also believe you are part of God, so too can you do all things.'

"This is something the Master Teacher I channel, Gunter, told me early on.
This statement is so true and so powerful. Read it and take it in fully. We
are each Creator Beings. We create as we go.

How do you create? There are certain steps by which you create everything
in your life, be it good or bad. These steps are always the same:

• Desire : The desire for something.
• Visualization : Visualize what you desire as already manifested.
• Expectation: Expect it to happen and "feel" the feelings you will have
when it has happened.
• Keep it uppermost in your mind.

Again I will repeat. This is the way everything is brought about, be it good
or bad. The process is always the same."

How spiritual are you? Have you done anything like this? Read any great books? I'd love to hear from you!

Love and light ~

And the movie was Young Guns, by the way :)


  1. This was such an awesome post. I would LOVE to do an Assessment and first Removal like you did. I have so much negativity to get rid of.
    You know how spiritual I am and about our friendly ghost family member, Consuelo:)

    1. Cali Girl thank you for being my 2nd commenter EVER! Yes, you should totally do it...sock away a few bucks from your photography, and get the assessment done to at least see what you're working with :) I need to write about your Consuelo :) XO!

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  3. I realize that this post is many years old but I wanted to know how your life has changed since your removals. Thank you!

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