[byoo-tuh-fuhl] [mes]

beau·ti·ful [byoo-tuh-fuhl]
1. having beauty; possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.

mess [mes]
1. a dirty, untidy, or disordered condition

beau·ti·ful mess
1. a condition in a home consisting of a sink so overflowing with dirty dishes and sippy cups that they smother every available counter space save for a 6-inch diameter surrounding a coffeepot; licked and spit out circular cereal stuck to the carpet, the hair of a small child, and the robe of a zombified woman; 57 articles of clothing strewn about; wispy tufts of dog hair quivering in the corners; a couch devoid of cushions; said cushions blocking front door entry due to secret hideout creation; 100 building blocks that have escaped from their bucket; a train of Hot Wheels snaking from the bathroom to the TV; 17 kitchen items tucked into shoes, boots, baskets, backpacks, under furniture, the trash bin and the dog's water bowl; 2 soiled diapers in a bag hanging from a doorknob; 88 clean diapers that appear to have been tossed in the air like confetti; a small, quick, sword-wielding Ninja master chasing a 4-legged furry beast through said condition and thus further spreading it; and a sobbing, teething, red-faced munchkin clinging to the leg of a 2-day-unshowered-back-aching-from-lifting-said-munchkin-who-runs-away-at-every-chance-tired-doesn't-begin-to-explain-it-person-the-smalls-call-mommy who is simply trying to hobble between the fridge (for some white stuff) and the coffeepot (for some brown stuff) in hopes of slurping one glorious sip before picking up said crying child for the 1st of 92 times that day, and then getting sucked into another glorious cycle of diapering, wiping, chasing, cleaning, picking up, strapping down, bathing, feeding and dressing...and that's just for the little one.

And right when I feel myself begin to crack, tears of frustration stinging my eyes, anger rising in my throat...I look around at the chaos, smile, laugh and begin to belt out this byoo-tuh-fuhl ballad.

I wouldn't trade it for the world.....
...although I do look forward to the days I can leisurely sit back with my feet up, adult beverage in one hand, the other hand holding that of my partner in crime who co-created this beautiful mess with me.

Any other mommies feel this way too? You're not alone out there! How the heck do women with 5+ kids do it? And you military wives who never get a reprieve? I'm dying after hubby's on duty for 5 days in a row, I can't imagine 5 MONTHS in a row!

Tell me about your beautiful mess! How do you cope? Are you done rearing, and now enjoying leisuring :) ? I'd love to hear!

Love and light~


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