To Vaccinate or Not - That Is A HARD Question!

I''m not one to impose views or opinions...instead I urge parents to research and decide for themselves when it comes to their own children.  Below you will find links to information that I find valuable and insightful...information that will assist each parent in making his or her own informed decision. Because after all, that's really what this whole debate is all about: knowledge.

Gone are the blissfully ignorant days our parents enjoyed, when following the advice of one's pediatrician was all a parent had to do to feel good about the choices they made for their children. 

 The transparency of the internet has made information more accessible than ever before, and it allows us all to find answers to the questions we should now be asking. Oftentimes they're the questions that doctors often can't, or won't, answer.

What exactly is IN vaccines?
What IS the complete list of a vaccine's possible side effects?
What are the possible side effects of this antibiotic?
Why are there only 2 FDA-approved pediatric cancer drugs in the last 4 decades?
Why do so many more children have lethal allergies/ADD/ADHD/Autism, etc. today than, say, 30 years ago?

Some of these questions may seem off-topic here, but they all point to the bigger picture - things are changing, and not always for the better, health-wise. As parents, we need to question what is in our environment, and what is in everything we give to our child.

More and more families are striving to eat organic and non-GMO foods, knowing the regular versions are covered in chemicals...these same families are now wondering just what chemicals are in the vaccines they're supposed to allow to be injected into their children.

Does the family have a history of certain diseases or autoimmune disorders or allergic reactions?  Risk versus benefit needs to be weighed...


Dr. Russell Blaylock, on "Herd Immunity." 

Vaccine Ingredients


Think Twice

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

SV40 Info

Autism, Alzheimers and Mercury

Psychiatric Meds

School Shooters

Hope for cancer

There are so many sites out there, so much information...what are some of your favorites for either side of the equation? I'd love to hear from you...

And if you're interested in Homeopathic Vaccination Alternatives, sign up below!

Love and light~


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