Afternoon Joy With My Little Boy

Baby Daughter is napping. Son is relaxing on the couch after school, watching The Princess and The Frog, and then decides he needs a snack. He goes to the pantry, pulls out 2 little bags of Oreos, and says "One for me, and one for Bri.". Bri is the 7 year old neighbor Son has a lot of fun with, mostly because she's old enough to not argue much with him so he gets his way. Kids are smart! He says he wants to go see if she's home, so he carries his 2 little bags next door and learns she's on her way home from school. He decides to sit and wait on the folding chairs in her driveway, still clutching the bags of cookies and squinting his long lashes against the warm afternoon sun. He asks me to join him.

We find a piece of chalk on the sidewalk and make a bigger version of the hopscotch he and Bri drew the day before. Son spots Bri's car, and the most gorgeous, happy, innocent smile lights up his face...he walks to the car as it parks, still holding the cookies. She gets out, says hi and that she has to do homework before she can play.

He turns towards home, slightly confused...i explain about homework and then offer to play tic tac toe with him and share the cookies, saying Bri can have Teddy Grahams when she comes out. His little face brightens again as he says "Ok!". We share delicious cookies, he wins 5 times at tic tac toe and we hopscotch together, his 4 year old feet trying to figure out how to hop 3 times on one foot. Pure warm afternoon delight. I'm so grateful to be so blessed.

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