New Mommy...Again

Having a new little one in my arms again reminds me that i've been given a second chance to soak in the beauty of a new life, to appreciate the sounds of baby suckling at my breast, the milk-coma face when the little tummy is full, the sore back from awkward nursing positions. Son's head looks huge now compared to his newborn sisters' and i find myself staring at his precious little toddler face with refreshed gratitude for his (mostly) sweet demeanor, beautiful innocence and memories of HIS days as a baby.

Daughter is 2 1/2 weeks old today, and today was so much better than yesterday for the whole family. Yesterday I was a hormonal emotional wreck. Son is super-sensitive as it is, and very emotionally astute, so my tears, although " happy," were stressful for him. Even Fireman seemed on-edge for some reason and Son picked up on that, which led to a few tearful meltdowns throughout the day over things that wouldn't normally bring on tears. I found a wonderful online article about what the older child goes through when theres a new baby, and shared it with hubby, who understood that we need to be extra patient and attentive with Son in these early weeks. It's quite a challenge to find ways to say "no" or "don't do that to the baby" or "don't touch the baby with your grimy little hands," without actually saying those things, but we're doing it! It breaks my heart to think of my little boy being sad about the ways a new baby has changed his happy little life, so i'm trying my best to keep things normal and praise all the ways he is such a great big brother.

Today I am grateful for my sons still-chubby little hands, and for my daughters sleepy giggle - i can't wait to hear her real, awake giggle someday! I take that back, i CAN wait - i'm enjoying every precious day in the moment.

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