Baby Love

I love:

Her chomping/suckling noises.
Her tight fists or open palms clutching my breast.
Her chunky milk-filled cheeks after pulling off.
Her white milk blisters on lips.
Her sleepy grins and giggles.
Her bicycle legs when being changed.
Her Kevin-bird (movie Up) cry.
Her open-mouthed shy smile.
Her thunder thighs.
Her bobble head.
How she grins at her brother the moment she sees him.
How she coos and gurgles if there's any tension in the house, as if to diffuse the situation.
Her sweet baby smell.
Changing my clothes 4 times a day from spit-up because it means I'm home with my baby.
My aching back, because it means I'm holding a precious baby.

Pure love.

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