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Discover Your Life Purpose!

Have you ever wondered just why the heck you're here on Earth?

What the purpose of your life is?

What your gift is to the world?

Discovering your Life Purpose is a transformational that will leave you with peace of mind, a feeling of purpose, of rebirth, of coming home, of connecting with your higher self.

Al Diaz
Innovator of My Life Purpose and Gift
Author, Film Producer
International Keynote Speaker

After discovering my own Life Purpose and Gift, I knew I wanted to guide others to discover theirs. As a Certified Life Purpose Guide under Al Diaz' Life Purpose Discovery (TM) process, I will guide you to remember your “calling”, the reason why you are here, your Life Purpose.

I know we parents (especially us Mamas) tend to put our own needs last.  It's hard enough to find the time to take a darn shower or hit a yoga class, much less delve into our souls for an Inner Workout.  

That's why I absolutely fell in love with this process, and became a Certified Guide:  because in just 1 little hour, for less money than some Lululemon yoga pants, your entire life can be transformed.

Knowing your life purpose gives you a tool with which to honor your true Self in any decision you make.

There are a lot of gurus, coaches, transformational speakers, etc., out there, which is WONDERFUL because it means humanity is hungering for this growth.  However, some of their well-meaning approaches tell you how to be, what to do, how to think.  Don't allow anyone else to tell You what's best for You because...

You already have all the knowledge you'll ever need.
You just need guidance on how to access it.  You already know your personal truths...they are held in your heart.  All you need is someone to guide you to remember them.
"I found that the Life Purpose program was a great way of narrowing down a lot of mental clutter for me!  Prior to the session with you, I had several directions I was looking at, and trying to go in at once, which made things rather confusing - I wanted to do all of them, but knew I had to choose one to concentrate on for the time being.  My background is art, so it made sense that I use my art in conjunction with the results that were presented to me.  Thank you for this experience Kim.  It got to the point and was fun at the same time!"  - Randy A.
Your mind (Ego) is usually the one doing the's time to give your heart a voice.

Empower your heart's wisdom.

Take an hour for your Self, and create a new trajectory for your life.

You are worth it.

I'd be honored to guide you to your True Self...with love + light,


$77  - Discover Your Life Purpose 
  (1-1.5 hr. call)

(click for Holiday / Launch discount)

Our Alternative Journey To Helping Our Sensitive Child - Part 1

Did you read that quote?  I mean, did you really read it?  And let it sink in?  Does it resonate with you?  Have you found yourself growing personally like never before, once you had children?

Boy, this is TRUTH for me.  Looking back, I hold no judgment because I just didn't know any better, but I sure see how superficial and blind and know-it-all and just oblivious I was to life's greater meanings, before becoming a mama.  And it didn't happen overnight, either.  I didn't wake up one day when my son was a month old and think, oh now I get why the heck i'm here on this planet, paying bills and wiping snotty noses.

No, it has happened gradually, slowly, almost invisibly, until I'm able to look back and see how the journey has unfolded.

I see now that having a sensitive child is an insane challenge, yes, but also an insane blessing, as well.

I've wept more than once at the thought that his bravery is beyond comprehension...that his fierce commitment to who HE is, at his very core, is so unwavering that he will weather storms and threats and anger and frustration and great sadness and utter confusion and fear and yes, spanking, i'm no longer ashamed to admit...all to stick true to who he is.  

I finally sat down to start this post I've been meaning to write for half a year now, and lo and behold it is one year to the day from when I posted about my son's worsening OCD.  Wow, how's that for coming full circle.

As I wrote in the Sensory Processing / OCD ~ Reiki Healing post, things were getting pretty ugly one year ago and so my husband and I were getting pretty desperate.  My goal was to take some of the parenting clinics at a local Occupational Therapy clinic I'd heard good things about, so I could learn some better tactics to help our son.  But in order to avoid a fat bill for just the first introductory consultation, I had to jump through all our insurance hoops:  pediatrician appointment for OT referral, then go to insurance's therapy clinic which is 2 hours away, then hopefully get the ok to go to our local independent place that was working on becoming insurance-approved.  UGH.

I got as far as the pediatrician appointment and then I dropped it all.  It just didn't feel right.  

It took our entire afternoon, even though we were in front of the doctor for exactly 6 minutes, and it left me and my son wondering why the heck we were there and not home climbing trees, playing baseball and enjoying the sunshine.  I couldn't even speak candidly with the doctor, since my son was there, and if there's one thing I'm very careful about it's making sure he doesn't get the impression something is "wrong" with him or needs fixing.  Nope.  There would be no more of these kinds of appointments.

I approach every single one of my family's health/wellness decisions first from a holistic viewpoint, and this shouldn't be any different.  I wasn't going to let money and insurance dictate my son's treatments for something mental/emotional/psychological, just like I don't let money and insurance dictate how I treat a physical ailment.   Just because I'd never heard of more holistic alternatives to "clinical" occupational therapy didn't mean it doesn't exist.

I just had to deepen my search, broaden my horizon, open my mind to the unknown.

I first happened upon Lori Abramowitz of Helping Kids Grow, and it was another one of those instances where it just felt right...the words on her site spoke to my soul and stirred my heart.  If I'm brought to tears when reading or hearing something, I know it's truth.

 I never used to listen to my body closely enough to identify that sensation, but since my nervous breakdown back disc re-herniation and subsequent alternative treatments, I'd entered the world of energy healing and spiritual journeying and had begun to listen to that inner wisdom we all have that we often ignore, thanks to ego.

Lori's description of "sensitive" children was spot-on  and the fact that she is not only sensitive herself, but has also worked with, and is raising her own, sensitive children had me super curious to speak with her.  Her approach is akin to Hand in Hand Parenting's but with the added knowledge and specific advice for more sensitive children.  My husband and I did one little phone consultation with her, and got so many nuggets of wisdom to immediately implement, as well as some eye-opening insight into how to turn our parental frustration and annoyance into moments of pure joy between us and our child.

Mere hours after that phone call, my son did his usual whiny "You have to carry me," with outstretched arms when I announced it was time to go upstairs to bed.  Instead of my usual, frustrated "What happened, your legs don't work all of a sudden?" and annoyance at the fact that my 6 year old needed carrying but not his 2 year old sister, I remembered Lori's words and responded with, "I don't HAVE to carry you, I WANT to carry you!" and swooped him up in a hug.  The surprise and delight on his sweet little face alone made that phone call worth its weight in gold.

Change had begun.

I'd urge any parent who is interested to do a quick call with Lori...the remainder of her advice for us was so child-specific, so family-specific for us that we really felt heard and understood.  I could tell she'd dealt not only professionally, but also personally with her own family, with each of the issues we voiced.  

I used to think the phrase "be the change you want to see in the world" was pretty cheesy and annoying.

How can I BE the eradication of hungry children?  How can I BE world peace?

But now I understand.

Now I understand that one smile, one hug, one word of kindness instead of negativity greatly affects the receiver, who then is inspired to treat the next person he/she encounters with kindness instead of anger, who then affects the next person and so on and so on.  Like the flutter of the butterfly wings felt around the is with the tiniest of changes that massive change begins.

And it's actually quite a relief to wrap my head around this now, because the world's problems are so overwhelming and depressing that I think many of us feel utterly helpless.  

Our jobs here on earth are so simple.  Simple, but not easy.  

To be able to stop a moment...

...and observe our emotions and feelings as we are about to react to someone or something... acknowledge and honor and not try to shut off those feelings... then change course to a more compassionate and kind reaction...

...that's the hard work we are here to do.  

That's it.  Day in and day out...with our spouses and children and parents first and foremost...and then with strangers and enemies.

And on those days when life has sucked us dry before we could replenish our those times when we erupt with anger the very second after your child drops a glass that shatters all over the kitchen floor as you're trying to throw together a very late dinner and the dog has just vomited on the carpet?  Then we extend that same compassion to ourselves and stop a moment, observe, acknowledge and honor, and then dust ourselves off to try again next time.  After all, we're only human, right now...we're spiritual beings having a human experience...we're learning.


A few nights later, I found myself sitting at the computer again after the kids were asleep, a pint of Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch in front of me, Googling "holistic therapy sensitive children."

Read about the incredible woman I stumbled upon (drawing analysis!) in Part 2, coming soon!

Love + light ~  Kim

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

I Have Awakened

For the first time in his life, my husband has some serious lower back pain going on.

I'm certainly no stranger to low back pain, but it's a first for him.  And being the strong, fit firefighter that he is, I know he's expecting to bounce right back to normal quicker than might actually happen.  He tweaked it at work, lifting an obese patient, about a week ago.

It occurred to me that my back surgery was in the fall many moons ago, my 2nd nervous breakdown back herniation was in the fall when our son was 2.5 years old, and now my husband's back issue is in the fall when our daughter is 2.5 years old.  Coincidences?  I think not.  

Something to do with seasonal changes, autumnal releasing the old to accept the new, clinging to that which no longer serves us, that sense of hunkering down for the colder months, stressing about gathering enough nuts (money) for hibernation...

I sent him to acupuncture today, which he'll get hopefully every other day for awhile, and I've been doing Reiki (I got Reiki I certified over the summer) and massage on him.

And of course, envisioning Archangel Raphael's green healing light surrounding him.

(Image copyright M.Waters 04)

(You can fly on down and heal me any day, there, Raphael-ly!  Any clairvoyants/mediums out there?  Do angels really look this human-like with rippling pecs and all?  Kinda resembles my husband...if he had long hair and a mermaid tail...he should pose for angel portraits...I'm a lucky girl!)

Sooooo, what was I saying?

Oh, yes.  That  I discovered the world of lightworking almost one year ago, and I'm going to be cheesy and say it because there's no other way to say it....I've been transformed.  

I've awakened.  

This will either resonate with you, or it won't...but it's true.  It has happened.  I'm awake.  And in case you were wondering, I'm not religious nor does all of this have anything to do with religion.  

In fact, I considered myself an atheist for many years, and thought that religion and spirituality were synonymous.  

Now I'd say I most closely connect with Buddhism, and I understand that religion and spirituality are distinctly different.   

What does this mean?

Well, i'll tell you a little story:  

A few years ago, my husband and I were visiting his parents and his sister and her boyfriend at his parents house.  My husband was pretty worked from his firefighting academy, physically and mentally, and had been experiencing frequent headaches from an injury during the academy.  His sister told him to lay down on the floor, and she and her boyfriend crouched at his head and feet, closed their eyes, and began doing various hand movements over and on him, combined with some heavy breathing.  I did not understand what they were doing.  I did not get it.  I was slightly curious, mostly embarrassed and very annoyed that they were doing some kind of magical healing to my husband that I did not know how to do.

When they later moved to a commune large acreage property to homestead with some other couples, I was even more curious, embarrassed and annoyed.  So was my husband.  

They were weird and magical and...weird.

When they hugged me longer than normal while exhaling audibly, I felt self-conscious.

When their Facebook posts spoke of Goddesses and the Divine Feminine and showed scantily clad firedancers, I thought it was dumb that these adults felt the need to play R-rated dress-up, and I also felt jealous...I would love to try out being a scantily clad firedancer.

When she brought a magic potion herbal tea offering to my baby shower and read aloud Kahlil Gibran's Children, I felt annoyed and inadequate.

I didn't get it.  Any of it.

Now I get it.  All of it.

I have no idea how quickly or fully people "typically" awaken, but here's how my journey's basically going down:  

*I first learned about lightworking from a Medium/Clairvoyant in December of 2013, and here I am less than a year later, 
*Reiki I certified, 
*with a sensory-sensitive son who has been helped tremendously by lightwork (and other things I'll soon write about), 
*creating a children's book about lightworking, 
*having just finished a Know Your Life Purpose in 90 Minutes Program
*and in the midst of getting certified to be a guide for said ^^ Life Purpose Program.

Things they are a'changing...

I am beyond excited for what the future holds.  I have been SO immersed in learning, changing and evolving that I have not even known where to begin in sharing it all on this blog.  I feel so eager to share, to guide others who may also be searching for that missing piece to their otherwise comfortable lives...but I'm letting it flow out as it feels right.

So stay tuned for more information, explanations, inspirations and stories!  I can't wait to share this next phase of my journey with you!

Love + light to you!!!!


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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Heather's Story: Mesothelioma

Although National Women's Health Week was back in May, I'm sharing a story, in honor of it, from an incredible woman and mama who is shining light on a little-known disease.

"My name is Heather Von St. James and I’m reaching out to you today in hopes that you will help me with a cause that is very near and dear to my heart.

Eight years ago, I was diagnosed with mesothelioma; a rare and deadly cancer caused only by exposure to asbestos. I had just given birth to our daughter Lily, and was only given 15 months to live. After a life saving surgery that included the removal of my left lung, I’ve made it my life’s mission to spread awareness about mesothelioma and the dangers of asbestos.

My father had worked in construction and would come home with dust all over him. As a child I would wear his work coat, unknowingly exposing myself to the asbestos he worked with daily. Mesothelioma was once considered a ‘man’s disease’, but women have swiftly become the new patient profile due to second-hand exposure.

In honor of National Women’s Health Week (May 11-17), I am reaching out to bloggers to ask for help in spreading the word about mesothelioma and it’s causes. During this week, individuals, families, and communities work to help women learn how to achieve longer, healthier, and safer lives! Although this week has passed, women’s health is an important issue and deserves to be shared.

The site I blog for, the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, has a great deal of information on mesothelioma and asbestos exposure. It would mean the world to me if you could help me with my mission by spreading awareness on your blog to help educate and inform your readers about this preventable disease!

All my best,


You can read Heather's blogging here.

Monday, June 9, 2014

A New Natural Treatment for Asthma, COPD, Croup

There's a reason this post of mine about Silver Shield for croup is my blog's number one post of all time:

There's a lot of respiratory issues going on out there, increasingly so, and I'm a firm believer that all the chemicals in our world play a large part in this.

I wish I had the time for a super long post about greening your home, landscaping products, cleaning products, etc., but you can find tons of that information by googling it anyway.  I like to google "mom wellness blog XXXX" for whatever i'm searching for so that any one of the amazing holistic, wellness-minded blogs comes up in the search - Mommypotamus, Health Home & Happiness, Wellness Mama...there are so many out there.

Not too long ago I wrote a post about glutathione and its amazing effects on my dad, and talk about the foods and supplements that can be taken to assist our bodies in producing more glutathione.

In it I referenced The Healthy Home Economists's post:  Tylenol Just Once A Month Raises A Child's Asthma Risk 540%, and Dr. Hyman's post:  Glutathione, The Mother Of All Antioxidants.  I was fascinated to read Sarah's (The HHE) discussion of how Tylenol may reduce glutathione in the lungs and blood, therefore damaging the body.

Well, I've since happened upon information about nebulized glutathione, which combines my croup post and my glutathione post into one amazing discovery!   

You can read the incredible Dr. Whitaker's information on glutathione, in all its forms, here.  He offers it in various ways at his Wellness Institute in Orange County, CA, including intravenously and nebulized, and says that one would just need to get a prescription for glutathione, to be filled by a compounding pharmacy, and can then be used at home in your own nebulizer.  

I've since read many phenomenal stories of people and kids with asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis and other lung diseases who have gotten great results with nebulized glutathione. has amazing information about glutathione and glutathione products:

As I always suggest, do some research of your own!  If you need a nebulizer, I'd search medical supply stores near you...that's where we got ours!

Have you heard of nebulizing glutathione before?  Do you know any lung-issue sufferers?

Love + light ~



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