10 Ways To Boost Your Child's Immunity During Outbreaks

'Tis the season ~ colds, coughs, croup, measles, tuberculosis, meningitis...fun!

Yes, each of those is in our town right now, and probably in yours too!

So, what can a parent do to help their little ones' (and their own) immune systems, besides rest, hydration and a good diet (limit those sugars!)?

Here are my top 10 ways to boost a child's (or anyone's) immune system:

(*consult your physician before the use of any of these supplements / products.)

1. Vitamin D

     We Southern Californian's think this is never an issue, however we'd truly have to be in our bathing suits for many hours to absorb a good mega dose of this stuff, especially during the winter. 

My favorite is D3 Serum, because it was recommended to me by my beloved superfood gurus, who explain that:

 "only one specific source of D3 has met all four of our criteria: 

(1) it is live source, 

(2) has no toxic tagalongs, 

(3) tests onto all four polarities, and 

(4) it tests so strong that its biofield cannot be stress-tapped off even at 100+ stress-taps. (As a point of reference, we have found that the biofield of even the best organically grown American food typically stress-taps off at only 5 stress-taps.)"

One drop of this Gold has 1000 IU, and it tastes like olive oil, which my kids love!

2.  Reishi Mushroom Powder

Reishi Mushroom has long been a prized immunity booster and adaptogen (a natural substance that increases the body's resistance to stressors and helps normalize the body) in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  This powder can easily and discreetly be added to smoothies or teas.

3.   Iodine

Iodine?  Yes, this iodine.

Iodine is a vital mineral that many well-fed people are deficient in!  The superfood gurus' site says:

"Dr. David Brownstein, a leading Iodine researcher, has found that 96% of the population is deficient in this essential mineral.  Iodine is critical for proper development and function of our glandular system, intellectual capacity, and immune function just to name a few.

Iodine is essential for our body to protect itself from saturation of contaminants such as radioactive isotopes, and toxic halogens such as flouride, chlorine, and bromine ever prevelant in our water, food and environment."

4.  Magnesium Gel

Another vital mineral that many, many people are deficient in!  A good friend of mine suffered from chronic migraines for 15 years, and even the strongest prescription her doc could give her did nothing.  The only thing that made a difference was Magnesium!  It is amazing for any kind of muscle cramp.

"Magnesium is a critical macro nutrient for human health. It is essential to more than 350 cellular processes, some of which include muscle & nerve function, heart rhythm, and peristalsis (muscular contractions of the digestive system). To be deficient in magnesium guarantees a sub-optimal level of health. Severe lack of magnesium can seriously impair all bodily functions.

Magnesium is a major component of your muscles and bones, with approximately 50% of total body magnesium stored in the bones. Magnesium is required for your body to properly absorb and regulate calcium, and thus maintain strong bones & ligaments.

Healthy levels of magnesium maintain cellular communication in the body. A deficiency of magnesium causes a disturbance to the flow of this electricity through the nervous system, producing a great deal of pain and illness." (rrsuperfoods.com)

The body does not assimilate oral magnesium very well - the best route is topical, so I adore my superfood gurus' Magnesium Gel with Aloe Vera in it.  I smear some on the kids' feet and hands after they fall asleep, since they detest anything topically applied.

5.  Fermented Cod Liver Oil

All Omega-3 supplements are definitely NOT created equal.  After much research on Green Pasture's fermented cod liver oil (FCLO), theirs is the only one our family takes.  Unlike many Omega-3 supplements, their FCLO is cold-processed throughout fermentation so it retains its high levels of fat-soluble vitamins and Omega-3's.  

Green Pasture's site says, "many of the great historical cultures had one sacred food which they relied on to ensure strong mind, body, and spirit; fermented fish/fish liver oil. The Might Roman Soldier was given a daily ration of fermented fish oil. The Stoic Scandinavian Viking had a drum of fermenting cod livers outside the door of his home. Grandma always had a bottle of cod liver oil in the back cupboard."  

Green Pasture's has many different flavors, with varying reviews as far as kids go...the Cinnamon Tingle is apparently loved by many kids, but mine gagged.  They will gladly gobble up the Chocolate Cream flavor, though, with a small piece of dark chocolate as a chaser.  Fireman and I just take whatever flavor they won't take, so that none of it goes to waste (I'll admit I have to plug my nose, myself, with all the flavors).  

We were introduced to FCLO after learning about traditional foods via the Weston A. Price Foundation, and it has become one of the handful of things we would take with us to a desert island....it's pricey but it's THAT important!  It's also crucial for dental health and reversing tooth decay, which you can learn more about on the WAPF site. 

6.  Freshly Aired Out Home

This may seem like a given, but oftentimes folks keep their windows closed all day if it's cloudy or drizzly out.  Open those windows up for at least 20 minutes a day, at least a crack, even if it's cold or rainy!  Make it a part of your daily routine so you don't forget - I open all our upstairs windows after getting dressed in the mornings, and then close them when we head up for bathtime in the evenings.

Consider getting screendoors for your front and back doors...I didn't love the look of our wrought iron front screen door when we first purchased our home, but I quickly came to love its ability to offer safety, privacy AND a fresh breeze!  Let the old, stagnant air be replaced by fresh, clean oxygen-rich air so that the bodies in your home don't have to function on stale air!  Fresh air not only makes you happier and cleans your lungs, but it actually strengthens your immune system and helps digestion!

7.  Essential Oils

While you're airing out your house, throw some essential oils in the mix!  The positive effects of essential oils are pretty well-known these days, however their power is often underestimated.  Diffusing or applying the right essential oils can strengthen immunity, lower stress and purify air.

For diffusing, I've really liked Plant Therapy's Germ Fighter (similar to Thieves'...warm, cozy, Christmas-y scent), as well as various combinations of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lemon and Sweet Orange.  

I have, and love, a large diffuser similar to this one pictured for our downstairs, and love the AuraCacia little scent ball room diffusers for bathrooms and bedrooms.  


For topical application, I add a drop or two of Peppermint or Eucalyptus to 3 tablespoons of a 100% pure carrier oil like this Apricot Kernel Oil (i've used Coconut Oil or Olive Oil in a pinch), and rub it on my kids' soles and chest.

8.  Acupressure

Any parent can learn some super effective and easy pressure points and massage to do on kids and themselves for illness.  Kids Love Acupuncture is my favorite site, and I was grateful to learn her Pediatric Tuina Massage and Line Pressing on Finger for my kids' croupy coughs.  It definitely seems to help quickly each time I've done it, and is a nice tool to have for those middle of the night coughing spells when they're too asleep to take anything orally.

9.  Homeopathy

During outbreaks of rarer illnesses especially, parents are left wondering how the heck they can protect their family.  Homeopathy offers an astoundingly simple, affordable and powerful answer...not to mention the fact that kids love the tasty little pellets!

Enter your email in the form below to access my FREE Guide To Homeopathic Vaccination Alternatives, which contains not only the protocols for using them in lieu of vaccinations, but also for using them in conjunction with vaccinations.  It also contains links and contact information for a Homeopath you can consult, as well as sites from which to learn more and  purchase homeopathic remedies.  It was an invaluable resource for me, and will be for you, too.

10.  Laughter

Laughter truly is the best medicine!  Whenever I catch myself stressing about outbreaks or illness or anything else for that matter, I try to pause, take in the sight of my beautiful, happy, healthy children, say a quick prayer of gratitude, and then do something silly to get that gorgeous sound of laughter reverberating throughout our home and hearts.

What are your go-to immunity boosters?  Have you tried any/all of the above?  I'd love to hear!

Love, light and health ~


Japanese Ginger Dressing (a la Benihana / Shogun)

I don't often post recipes, but when I do.......they're amazing.

{just like the deliciousness at Shogun / Benihana / Sushi...I could eat this stuff by the spoonful}



3 carrots
½  a small onion
¼ cup fresh ginger (I used about a 3-inch hunk - I like ginger)
2 tbsp miso paste
¼ cup rice vinegar
2 tbsp raw honey or sugar
3 tbsp sesame oil
2 tbsp olive oil
¼ cup water
½ tsp fresh ground black pepper


Throw everything in a high speed blender and blend until smooth.  Serve with your favorite greens or cucumber.

Hope you enjoy as much as we did (with salmon, rice and seaweed)!

Do you have a favorite salad dressing recipe to share? Would love to hear!

Love + light ~


Croup - Natural Remedies: Homeopathy and Silver Shield

{ Tis the season for my most popular post ever! }

Son got croup for the first time right before he turned 3, and right after we moved to a new (to us) home. 

 I still wonder if something in the house triggered it - we checked for mold and have new carpet, but I still wonder.

I'll never mistake the strange barking sound...I think every parent of a croupy child has a mild heart attack every time they're awakened by that sound. 

 I'd never heard it before, and in my sleepy midnight stupor just thought my son was making noises in his sleep. I finally got up to check on him and heard his hoarse barking voice calling out for me, his breathing super raspy and shallow. My heart leaped into my throat. Fireman was at the station that night, so I called my mom who lived nearby and had her zoom us off to the 24-hour urgent care. I held my son the whole way - I was so worried about him I didn't want to put him in his carseat for fear he'd stop breathing...to hell with the law!

It was super foggy that night, perfect for croup, so we kept the windows down as I called Fireman, trying to disguise the fear in my voice for Son's sake. When he met us at the urgent care, Son's breathing had improved and he was not coughing. The doctor confirmed it was croup, and said there was really nothing he could do, and that we just needed to do steamy showers, a humidifier in his room, and cool night air.

It's so, so disappointing to not have a magic solution for your children...home we went.

 The next day I went to our local health food store and looked up Croup in the Hyland's Homeopathic Remedies booklet they have on the counter next to the Remedies. Spongia Tosta looked like the best option for croup, and the worker there confirmed it was, so I bought it in 30X strength. I followed the bottle's directions, and gave Son 2 tablets, 4 times / day for the next couple of days. All homeopathic remedies come in yummy little sugar pellets that kids love to suck on, so they luckily always want to take their medicine! It's hard to say if it really did much, since Son had pretty much been back to normal, but he didn't wake with a croupy cough again during that episode!

Fast forward almost a year...I should've seen the warning signs looking back now, but didn't yet know what to look for.

 The 3 of us were supposed to go to my mom's for a special dinner honoring my Grandmother who had passed away one year prior, but Son was mildly feverish and whiny and tired...we just figured he was working on a mild illness. Fireman said he'd stay home with Son while I went to the dinner, and when I returned around 9pm, I found Son asleep on Daddy's chest in our bed. I listened to him breathe, and my stomach churned with butterflies. I could already hear the raspiness in his breathing, and knew what was coming. I got the humidifier set up in his room before waking hubby to carry Son into his room...I was 7 months pregnant at the time, and not looking forward to the night ahead.

Son wasn't in his bed for more than 30 minutes when the cough started. He wanted Mommy, of course, so I did my best to hold him outside on the porch on my lap with my huge belly in the way, gazillions of blankets wrapped around us both. After 20 minutes, there wasn't much improvement, so the hubby slowly drove us around the block with the windows down while I continued to hold him. Still no improvement, and I was getting a bit worried. We took him to his room to directly breathe in the misty air coming from the humidifier...no improvement, and actually getting worse. He was really fighting to breathe by now, and I told hubby we needed to go to urgent care, trying to disguise the fear in my voice once again.

Again, I held him tight the whole way. I was anxious when I saw the full waiting room, but tried to be patient. My poor little guy just clung to me, head on my chest, fighting for each breath. Another mom and her teenage daughter smiled sympathetically and the mom told me how each of her 4 children got croupy in those early years, and of the countless nights she spent holding them outside on the porch. Her comments made me feel a bit better, put me a little bit at ease, but Son's breathing worsened and worsened and I began to get really nervous. I told my husband I was going to carry him outside and that I wanted him to bug the front desk and tell them our little boy was fighting to breathe and that we needed to be seen NOW!

Not 2 minutes later, the door opened, we were ushered into a room, and 4 people began rapidly working on Son - one began trying to get his pulse, one was asking me questions, one was typing on the computer and one was listening to him breathe. I held him as he began to cry, trying to keep him calm so his breathing wouldn't worsen. They wanted him to breathe through a nebulizer, and I had to somehow peel him from me and hand him to Daddy as I couldn't breathe in the medicine being pregnant. Then, the doctor came in, took one look at Son, and said "He's not getting any air, we're calling 911."

OH. MY. GOD. Seriously? Urgent Care's call 911? 

I thought Urgent Care's were just LIKE calling 911, except a cheaper bill at the end!?!?  That's when I really began to freak out, although I couldn't let it show. My husband and I looked at eachother like, WTF? Being a firefighter and EMT, although not a medic, my husband knew quite a bit about what the staff was doing, but he hadn't thought it was so serious as to be out of the Urgent Care's hands.

Before we knew it, 4 firefighters entered the already-crowded room, asking questions and prodding my poor little boy. 

I glanced in the hallway, and saw a stretcher...there was no way my little boy was going to be ok on there. I asked if I could lay on the stretcher with him so he wouldn't have to be strapped down by himself. They said no, but that we could strap his carseat to the stretcher, and I could hold his hand. So, by the time we got him in his carseat, his favorite blue "B" (blanket) and Bunny Bear on his lap, and rolled him outside to the awaiting ambulance, he was surprisingly calmer and breathing a bit easier, although holding onto my hand with a deathgrip. I tried my best to stay calm, cool and collected for him, remarking at the bright fire engine and ambulance lights, telling him this is just what Daddy does at work, and telling him how lucky he was to get to ride in a REAL ambulance! My husband followed the ambulance in our car, and I held the nebulizer up to his face and chatted with the medic, who told me this was the fifth croupy-child transport he'd done that week ALONE! It wasn't much, but it did make me feel a TEENY bit better knowing we weren't the only ones going through this.

So, as most ER visits go, it was a looooooong night of waiting, watching and hand-holding.

Fireman and I took turns laying on the bed with Son as he was given dose after dose of nebulized medicine. His breathing was, of course, back to normal within minutes, but we had to stay for many, many hours so they could monitor him and be sure they'd done their job. I couldn't sleep, so when they finally discharged us at 4:30am, I had to wake my sleeping husband with sleeping son on his chest.

The next day, or I should say that same day, when we all woke up, I began giving Son the Spongia Tosta 30X again, and frantically searched on the web for ANY other suggestion or remedy others had had success with.

I had asked the ER doctor if there was anything we could do to prevent another ER visit in the future if cool night air and a humidifier weren't working, and he said no, there really wasn't! Wow. It really made me wonder how many other poor families went through the same thing with each croup episode...there had to be SOMETHING we could do to prevent this!?!? 

 My mom was helping me research on the web, and she called me very excited - she had read some very positive reviews on Native Remedies' CroupEx Sprinkles, and had ordered it to be overnighted for a nice sum of money, since it was only available online. I called a few semi-local stores that were listed as retailers for it, but none had it in stock...I would have to wait until the next day's delivery.

Meanwhile, I had made an appointment with our amazing cranio-sacral chiropractor. We consider him our family doctor and pediatrician all rolled into one. At our appointment, he said Son had no fluid in his lungs, and only needed a couple of structural adjustments.

He then said there was something we could do to both prevent AND treat croup - my ears perked right up!

He told us that he uses Silver Shield in a nebulizer on his own croupy kids, and recommends it for any respiratory issues, even the elderly who are prone to bouts of pneumonia. 

 I can't even tell you the relief I felt listening to this...I tried to hide the tears welling up in my eyes - just knowing there might be SOMETHING that could help prevent and/or treat croup was music to my ears.

I had heard about the benefits of colloidal silver and had taken it orally before, but Dr. Chiro went on to explain that there was a newer, completely non-toxic (no Blue Man syndrome) silver available online that is much better formulated than the one you'd find at your local health store:

( If you spend $40 or more on the site, sign up to become a member - it's FREE!  Just enter my member #2867957 as your Sponsor and you'll get the big discounts.*)

Seriously, this stuff is insane...it can kill bacteria, virus, fungus, MRSA, staph., strep., E. Coli, purify water, the list goes on.

I even read somewhere (will have to find the link!) it's being investigated for its use in killing cancer cells. There's a ton of great info out there on this stuff - I've included some links below to some of it to save you time researching, especially if you're a frantic mommy looking for help:

*Nature's Sunshine's Silver Shield brochure states that "Silver Shield disables the specific enzyme that many unwanted microorganisms need to metabolize oxygen (breathe). When this enzyme becomes disabled, the microorganisms cannot thrive. NSP Silver Shield with Aqua Sol Technology has been effective against unwanted microorganisms when tested in vitro. Silver Shield is processed by the kidneys and may not affect populations of beneficial bacteria in the colon. NSP advantage: NSP Silver Shield is safe and effective. It is manufactured using a patented process (U.S. Patent No. 7,135,195) with strict quality control to verify atomic adsorption. The result is fine, particle-sized colloids with 99% bioavailability. Other products tested ranged between 15–65% bioavailability. NSP holds exclusive rights on this patented Aqua Sol technology for silver solutions ranging from 16 ppm to 19.9 ppm."

Dr. Gordon Pedersen (Ph.D. in toxicology with a Master’s degree in wellness) on Silver Shield  has AMAZING info, stats, dosing and more for Silver Shield - such as soaking a tampon in the stuff for yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis!!! It can go in ANY bodily orifice!

So, you're probably wondering, how did it work for my son, right?

Back to the story...we left the chiropractor's, looked up and called a local medical supply store (thank you, smart-phone-inventors), and had our very own nebulizer that afternoon. I also ordered the Silver Shield to be overnighted to us, so we had to wait until the next day to try it. That night, we had his humidifier going in his room and he coughed that croupy cough all night, but luckily his breathing was never compromised. I could not WAIT for the next day!

The Silver Shield was delivered first...

Dr. Chiro had recommended giving him nebulized Silver Shield twice a day for 3-5 minutes each time, so that's what we did.

3 ml of the Silver in the nebulizer lasted about 5 minutes. Son was a trooper letting us hold it up to his face and breathing some deep breaths, and even putting his mouth over the mouthpiece to get some really good inhales. We did it around noon, and again before bedtime.

Guess what? 2 coughs the whole night...no joke! 

I actually got some sleep. It was like night and day, and I was over the moon with relief at having something to give my poor child. Oh, and we gave Son a teaspoon of it orally twice a day, too...tastes just like water, so we told him it was his special Magic Water. Fireman and I took it, too, (fine for pregnancy!) since it was becoming cold and flu season.

As for the CroupEx Sprinkles? It didn't arrive until the following day, so I can't really say how much good it did since the Silver seemed to do it all.

In the months that followed, I would become a "Silver Shield Addict." 

Or, as my doula, who's an addict too, says, "Use the stuff like water." I put some in a spray bottle and sprayed the cut on my husband's hand. I put a teaspoon in the dog's water bowl after he was exposed to chemicals (yes, it's safe for pets!). I dabbed some in my itchy inner ear. I smeared some on my sons cut knee. I put some on the canker sore on my lip. Oh, and I ordered the Silver Shield Gel for us all to use like you'd use a hand sanitizer - very important for Fireman to have on hand when he comes in contact with all sorts of nastiness out there! You get the idea. It's like magic...

*I may receive a small commission via affiliate programs, however your cost remains the same...gratitude for supporting my blogging efforts.

Update 2012

Dr. Schulze is helping Son stay croup-free so far this winter (knock on wood!) Read about it here!

Update February 2013

Just when I thought we had pretty much made it through the winter, I was awakened by the dreaded sound again the other night at 11:30 pm. Luckily it was a very short, mild cough, and Son went right back to sleep in bed with me. But I was worried all night, and stressed going back and forth between him and nursing baby...Fireman was on duty, surprise, surprise.

The slightly croupy cough rears its ugly head in the mornings a bit, when he's congested after laying down all night, but otherwise it's just a super mild cold. I'm pumping him full of a dropperful each of Lung Formula and Super Tonic in a shot of juice 3x/day now, along with the CroupEx Sprinkles every hour, and lots of tea with honey and other fluids. I've even gotten him to take bites of my Sweet Pickled Garlic and Lacto-Fermented Sauerkraut and Pickles, whose good bacteria will help illness. Oh, and of course, 5 minutes of nebulized Silver Shield 2x/day, and hot, steamy showers. 

I like to think that my proactive remedies throughout the winter, and immune-boosting foods have contributed to keeping this episode super mild, so I'll continue what I'm doing.

Update March 2014

Well my children have had one mild cold all fall and winter, knock on wood, in early February.  I'm impressed and grateful, especially with Son having started the petri dish of germs public school Kindergarten.

Both their cold's had only one symptom:  a cough.  No sneezing, runny nose, nothing.  Cole's was ever so slightly croupy on one morning, but that was IT!  And no interrupted sleep - the cough's were tamed in the night!  I started him on the nebulized Silver immediately (tried to get 2 year old Daughter to do it, too, but that didn't work so well - she played with it so much it all just dumped out), and did it twice a day, as well as nightly steamy showers and lots of homeopathy, tea, honey, and cooking with onion and garlic.  I put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in some almond oil and rubbed it on their chests and soles of feet after they were asleep.  I also made a point to grab some Majestic Garlic dip, which we hadn't had in awhile, and both kids went to town on that with veggies and pita chips.  That makes me so happy.  Son even likes to chomp on my Sweet Pickled Garlic now and then, much to my delight.

I do believe Son's growing older has strengthened his bronchial tubes, and I also attribute my kids' health to our traditional eating (grass-fed meats, butters, raw milk, fermented cod liver oil...) and our daily regimen of herbs, probiotics and various supplements.  And of course keeping the sugar under control.  Many people forget how sugar bombs the immune system...so you might be taking lots of good stuff, but all the sugar you're also ingesting is doing more damage.  

Update December 2014

Son got his first cold of the season that started with a cough, and lo and behold he sounded croupy in the morning after waking - ugh!!!  The nebulizer was dusted off once again, and this year I added my Young Living BREATHE and Frankincense essential oils to the routine, sometimes smearing a drop of it with coconut oil on the kiddos' feet and chests once asleep and nightly adding it to the vaporizer in the room.  Daughter got the cold, too, and even coughed ONE little croupy cough one night, much to my horror.  I had hoped her bronchial tubes would be miraculously different somehow :)  I also rubbed GOOT on their feet and chests each night, which seemed to be an incredible miracle...the minute I touched it to them it seemed to clear their coughs immediately.   

Does your child get croup? What are your remedies? I'd love to hear!

Love and light ~

Meaningful, Lucrative Work From Home

Danielle Laporte. The Desire Map.

Ring a bell?

If it does, then you can skip to the point <right here>.

If not, then I'll share with you that

a)  I've had a massive chick-crush on her for 2 years now,
secondly) she's on my list of the Top 5 people I'd most like to go to happy hour with and
3) she's changed MY world, and IS changing others' worlds, one heartfelt conversation at a time, by giving people tools with which to change their world.

All via DESIRE.


(soulful) workshop-in-a-box

(-danielle laporte)

If you're a natural gatherer, leader, speaker, teacher, conversationalist, or simply magnificent woman who desires to feel more and help others do the same, then Laporte's Desiremap Licensing Program just may be for you.  

As Danielle explains on her site,

The Desire Map is a tool for holistic living. It puts your core desired feelings at the heart of your goal setting and life planning.

Danielle's program can be facilitated any way you choose:  a gathering of your 5 closest friends, a yoga studio full of 30 people, a Skype conference, in an existing coaching business...the sky is not even the limit.

Make money doing meaningful work.  -Danielle Laporte

It just might be the answer to your desire (and right!) to get paid for doing meaningful work in this world.

If you'd like to start by first transforming your own life, there are a number of ways to bring DESIRE into your life:

The Desire Map Book
The Desire Map eBook

The 2015 Desire Map Day Planner
The Desire Map:  Audio Book (MP3)

Have you read/done The Desire Map?  I'd love to hear how it changed your life!

Love + light~


What's Your Natural Toothpaste Personality?

I was reading this post from one of my favorite local Naturopathic Doctors, Dr. Mark Stengler, about the risks of Fluoride and its prevalence in our daily lives.

Here's an excerpt from his post:

Have you ever wondered why there is a warning on the la­bels of toothpastes? It tells us­ers to keep the product away from children and to seek medical atten­tion if more than the recommended amount for brushing is swallowed. Reason: Toothpaste contains fluoride.
For years, this chemical has been added to our water to reduce the occurrence of dental cavities—but unbelievably, the newest evidence shows that fluoridated water does not protect against cavities. In fact, it turns out that we don’t need fluo­ride to protect our teeth at all.
Dentists advise that children use toothpaste that contains fluoride—and yet we keep all kinds of other medications and dangerous prod­ucts away from children. But is toothpaste as dangerous? Yes. The average tube of toothpaste contains enough fluoride to kill a child. And how safe is a glass of fluoridated tap water?

He goes on to explain that fluoride is a naturally occurring element, but that the man-made version in our modern lives is far from its natural form. He says "The FDA maintains that fluoride is a drug. It’s also known to be a highly toxic substance, even more toxic than lead." It has apparently been used as a rat poison, as well as a population-control method by the Nazis.


If you have an activist streak like me, contact your local City Water Management and give them an earful in the hopes of eradicating, or at least lowering the levels of, fluoride from our lives!  Every voice adds up, no matter how small.


What's your natural toothpaste personality?

Squeezable Homemade Remineralizing Toothpate
DIY Dolly
Make Wellness Mama's DIY Squeezable Homemade Toothpaste - my kids didn't dig it but it did the job.

Holistic Holly
This Herbal Tooth & Gum Powder has been used historically to strengthen and heal infected or bleeding gums.  My homemade version was pretty bitter.

Old School Olivia
Get some old school ToothSoap Peppermint Shreds - chomp on one little shred and enjoy the cleansing froth...funky AND fun!

Organic Opal
Get some ToothSoap Spear Whip - it's deliciously flavored, feels uber-refreshing - my family gave it 8 thumbs up! (ToothSoap's products contain no glycerin, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners which have shown to be harmful to teeth.)

Natural Nellie
 Nature's Gate Toothpaste is a great product, although there's some evidence that glycerin may be harmful to teeth.

Tell me below...which one are you?  What's your favorite natural tooth cleanser?

And if your household has some cavities (whose doesn't!?), Ramiel Nagel's Cure Tooth Decay is a wealth of information.

It was both this book and the work of Weston A. Price  that led me to giving my family Fermented Cod Liver Oil...here's the one we take, and here's why.

Here's to health being our greatest wealth!

Love + light ~



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